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Avatar ImageThe Daily Limit, 24nd Feb
By: | February 25th, 2009
  1. Those Mario 64 hacks were epic

  2. avatar Nie

    Hi Karl Our Homebrew Shares lean toward being tasntig events rather than having a festival atmosphere. We often bring in a few kegs to run from a jockey box just to ensure that there’s plenty of beer (running low on homebrew has never be an issue!) and because some brewers only keg their brew, so if they’ve got something special we want to showcase, we’ll hook it up. We encourage everyone to bring, at a minimum, two 22oz bottles, but why not bring a bunch and show off what you can do?! We have some brewers who show up with a couple bottles and others who roll in with a cooler full of many different beers, and still others who show up with those mini party pigs or tap-a-draft types of systems.Cheers,Chris

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