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With Street Fighter IV only 10 days away its essential to be prepared. And the best ways to prepare are with equipment and training. So grab your wallets ladies and gents. We’re going shopping.

Unless you want to be horribly embarrassed at the arcades you have to practice, what’s the best way to practice you ask? With one of these:


Mad Catz Tournament Stick

I’m not going to lie to you folks, these things ain’t cheap. But $150 is a small price to pay when you can kick ass home and away. That is a Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition controller. You know you want one. Recreating the feel of the arcade in your bedroom is a mean feat, the only thing it cant do is give you screaming fans, unless you count your mum.

It uses the exact Sanwa joystick and 30mm buttons found in official Street Fighter IV arcade machines, along with realistic spacing and an eight-button layout, the Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition brings the true arcade experience right into your home. With separate turbo settings for each button and the best components, prepare yourself for hours of competition, free of charge.

Mad Catz Arcade Stick

Mad Catz Arcade Stick

For all you cheapskates out there Mad Catz have also manufactured a smaller cheaper version of the above, priced at $80. The regular FightStick won’t be too far removed. Instead of a Sanwa, you get an “arcade-style” joystick and upgradable quick-connect buttons, but the rest of the description is the same, you get the same spacing, layout, and individual turbos for each button. So essentially its just for the gamer with less cash in his pocket.

If you’re any kind of Street Fighter fan you are lusting crazily after one of these, or maybe its only me. But these controllers are a work of art and need to be bought. So if you have a Birthday coming up kick and scream for this and a copy of Street Fighter IV, either that or pony up the cash yourself, but if i cant afford one of these, neither can you.

  1. I bought an arcade stick for Street Fighter Alpha 3. It broke, but if I had the money, I’d buy Street Fighter 4 and another stick. Ah the memories….

  2. I’ve got my Gi on standby.

  3. I say gamerlimit buys the staff SF IV and these as a present. ;D

  4. avatar Lesley Arcieri

    What a fantastic idea, I cannot wait around to receive my first letter!

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