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No, you’re not looking at that picture incorrectly. The following Gamestop training video refers to women as “hunters, and gatherers”. It was set up in part because of the new campaign to “reach out to women shoppers”, in addition to selling magazine subscriptions like “New Home” to women who purchase Wii Fit or My Life Coach.

Her name is Ima Smartone? I’m glad I don’t work at Gamestop. Her painful fake English accent is almost as bad as having to actually sit down and watch this video. This video should have been made for good, not evil! I’ve seen interactions similar to the ones found in this video in stores, however.

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  1. avatar Cocroach

    I’m not sure whether that’s dumb or cheesy.

  2. avatar yahp

    wow this is ridiculous. I am happy to say I have never viewed this during any type of training session. We go by the idea of everyone might have a question about something in the store, so we make it a point to greet and make sure everyone is finding what they want.

  3. avatar Ricky

    “Her painful fake English accent is almost as bad as having to actually sit down and watch this video.”

    Lay off the English Chris.

  4. avatar lee

    haha so true…some are helpful…but my only problem with gamestop is they never have the preorder goodies when i go :( i perfer best buy

  5. avatar mrja11

    omg i feel sick if i had to watch this as i was getting a job i would quit right then and there

  6. Got half way thru, needed a bucket, so gave up on the rest!
    Only experience I’ve had with gamestop is one of their staff
    telling me that Sony don’t make a PS3 with a 160gb Drive! Huh?

  7. avatar Getabettereditor

    “Gamestop employees are very anti-social in general to men, and many employees don’t even look at women”

    El oh el. What is “hypocrisy?”

  8. avatar Thomas

    That is the worst English accent I’ve heard in a while!! We don’t speak like that at all! And the accent isn’t consistent, listen to they way she says “ninety-nine” just before the end.

  9. avatar sidion

    Wow. Just wow. Almost looks like a porn movie is about to unfold except all the Gamestop “employees” look like goofs.

  10. avatar ByTheWay

    … it’s not “sexist”.

  11. avatar J06271980

    This is just horrible. I love how they have cartoon characters in the intro. Who knew the women were creatures too? I think I would have to sue Gamestop if I had to watch this during training.

  12. avatar J.Navarro

    Gamestop is by far the worst place to buy games. I walk in the store, I see the game I want right in front of me… I get it and there is no one in line….so I go to the front and ask the cashier to charge me for the game… but Instead she says.. “would you like to buy this one used?” I then replied “No thank you”… then she says “are you sure?”…. I reply “I’m positive”… then she tells me that I can save said amount of dollars if I buy the used one… I say “I just want to buy it new can I purchase the game already?” and she says okay… then she tries to give me a paper of new releases and stuff… why can’t I just buy the game…….and they have MORE used games than new… WTF!!! I have yet to go back in 7 months……Gamestop just sucks…..

  13. avatar bigthejosh

    i work at gamestop and this video is a lie, if you act like the employees in this video your a total tool

  14. avatar Terranmarine19

    I agree! we have fun at our store. As for us being anti gotta realise, we get annoyed all day by stupid people with the dumbest questions and think they will make out big with there trades then when its all said and done, we get a minimum wage paycheck! so dont always expect us to be the most social people in the world^^

  15. avatar Remy

    Given the theme of the video, I’m betting her fake English accent is actually Australian. Possibly why you thought it was fake, since the two accents,while similar (given Australia’s background), do have differences. None the less, this video is ridiculous.

  16. avatar SAiKO

    She pronounces ‘Enquiry’ the American way so obviously neither Australian or English, god this video is lame lol

  17. @Terranmarine19

    Yea it was in the spirit of joking with the video :D

    I have worked retail electronics before, and it’s not fun.

  18. avatar dario

    yeah, the reason why GameStop wants you to buy their used games is because every single penny out of the sale of the used games goes directly into their pocket. Thus, they prefer customers buying used, rather than new. Trade-Ins at gamestop are unbelievable, they give you five bucks for a game that came out not too long ago, its a hoax.

  19. avatar Game goo

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