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Avatar ImageSEGA Being Mysterious.
By: | February 12th, 2009


SEGA have released a teaser for an upcoming project, unfortunately SEGA usually fail to deliver on these, and we get stuck with a load of rubbish games. This one is quite perplexing though, really the teaser is just a silhouette tossing an apple up and town, what could it mean?

The teaser site can be found by following this link –

And the teaser is clickable, go on, give it a click.

Project Ringo, who can possibly guess what it is until SEGA tell us more, the teaser site has an embed code, and if you try it, it looks like this:

Pretty confusing eh? The animation at the site seems to promise more details for February 24th, so when that hits you’ll be sure to get more news here. According to sources, Ringo is Japanese for Apple.  So maybe we’re looking at a new game where you play a Mexican Apple Thief?

Post your thoughts and game ideas in relation to the teaser below.

  1. Interesting. Could it be something to rival the Brain Training? Could it just be sometime completely unrelated just to arouse interest? Very unlike SEGA.

  2. well as me and Colin figured all the numbers equal to 247, which could be the 247th day in the year, which is August 4th i think or the 24th of the 7th month, July.

  3. Maybe it will help them recover their lost revenue

  4. Ditch any new Sonic games, and redo the classics in HD

    Make a completely new captivating IP

    Stick with sequels to Mad World and Bayonetta (if they’re good)

    C’mon SEGA!

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