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It has been reported that Killzone 2 developer Guerilla Games has already spoken about the possibility of DLC becoming available for the game. With less than two weeks to go until the Playstation 3 owners get the opportunity to finally get their hands on the FPS and the hype machine bursting through the roof, this story is sure to only add fuel to the flames.

What the DLC will include is so far unclear, although it is rumoured that it will likely feature new multiplayer maps and will arrive in the not too distant future. Speaking to Dutch website PSFocus, Guerilla allegedly dismissed the suggestion of new characters and/or weapons.

While this is not a total surprise – most big releases nowadays benefit from this generation’s consoles built-in stores – it is does come as quite a shock that the DLC would be available not long after February 27th.

Personally, I welcome the idea of adding to the Killzone 2 experience. But would it be unwise and unethical to release DLC so soon?


  1. Personally I think they should wait a while to release DLC.

    Maybe what two months or when activity becomes lower, then release, it would bring old players and hardcore players back.

  2. avatar Dave_Dude

    Bring on the dlc! This is my favorite game of all time and hands-down the best fps money can buy. Absolutely %100 phenomenol multiplayer! The DLC couldn’t come quick enough in this readers not so humble opinion!

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