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In the video game industry rumors are always flying. Four years into this generation of consoles rumors are starting to spread throughout the industry about Microsoft’s new console that is in the works. Rumors that Microsoft is looking to integrate a interface similar to that we saw in the 2002 Thriller Minority Report have been tearing through the industry since Microsoft announced its purchase of Caligari, a developer of 3-D Modeling Software.

Imagine the possibilities if this technology would make it way into consoles. The hands on strategy could be integrated into games in many different ways and in a sense reinvent gaming. Could this be the end of the controller? If so could this technology be the final blow to Sony in this Console war. Microsoft as you may have remembered strategically launched the 360 early to get a quick lead on Sony. If Microsoft were to launch this supposed new technology within the next 2 years before Sony’s Playstation 3 has reached it’s full potential Microsoft’s strategy could win them yet another lead in the next-generation race.

All Press releases show Microsoft’s move to buy the Company geared toward the improvement of their Virtual Earth mapping system. Could this be a cover up? All bets are that Microsoft has something huge planned for this years E3 could this be it? Are we ready to give up the controller we have had in our hands for decades? Although this is just speculation its very exciting hype as we gear up to enter the next generation.

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  1. I hope it’s backwards compatible!

  2. avatar Lucy Lunsford

    Me too

  3. avatar nightelfmohawk

    And how much would this new console cost at launch compared to how much the PS3 will cost by then?

  4. avatar mightymo

    I’d say MS knows better than to overprice their product i.e. what Sony did.

    Chances are you get a slightly upped Xbox 360 with the 3DV tech alas what Wii did. Damn you Nintendo for in many ways ruining gaming!

  5. avatar Andrew

    LOL this is a joke… It wont happen in 95% sure, and if it does wooo… amazing.

  6. avatar Tom

    Undeniably, the motion sensing technology is very impressive, but have you think the implications? For example, you play your favorite game and you want to scratch your head, how the motion sensing technology will translate this movement? Or you want to drink a beverage, what will happen?
    Moreover I think it would be very weary, after a little time playing an fps game with this way.

  7. @ Tom

    Only impressive to moms and dads that have bought the Wii, not so impressive for hardcore gamers that like the controller and the mouse and keyboard.

  8. avatar Shawn

    If u scratch your head, nuclear warheads go off. So in the manuals that will have to include warning labels about not doing this. Scary stuff really.

  9. avatar GameHistoryX

    Is about time Microsoft starts talking about the next Xbox. By the time the PS3 starts catching up in numbers, Microsoft will have us running in the next generation of gaming.

  10. avatar Nicaragua

    Microsoft is huge company specializing in PC software so why would the purchase of another software tech company indicate that a new xbox is on the way ?

    “If so could this technology be the final blow to Sony in this Console war.” – surely a brand new xbox would be part of a new generation of consoles so how does relate to the current PS3 vs Xbox console war ?

  11. avatar David Macphail

    Let’s hope this “New” console doesn’t have the “VRROD” (Virtual Red Ring Of Death).

    Unless Microsoft learn how to build a console that doesn’t blow up half the time they could release their next console 5 years before Sony and still fail miserably.

    Also, i highly doubt the next generation of consoles will have us scrap controllers, that would ruin gaming forever.

  12. avatar jimmy

    “final blow to Sony in this Console war” ???? Not quite sure about that statement. Where are you getting your information anyways. Nicaragua is right, MSoft could very well be using this technology for a PC OS to beat APPLE not Sony. They are more worried about Apple than Sony.

  13. avatar out0fstep

    i dunno how indepth they play to take it if this is true, but i saw some vids online where they had a camera thing that would lock on the ur eyes, and when you closed one eye as if looking into a scope of a rifle the game would really go to scope to snipe, im guessing simple implications like this will trinkle into the games, as like others stated, full motion conrtol woudnt really work for when your drinking a drink, or to all you smokers out there as well. i highly doubt full motion sensing controls would be used, it just doesnt seem practical to me.

  14. avatar nightelfmohawk

    This thing will either be horribly overpriced compared to what the PS3 costs by then, will be cheap and sold at a huge loss, or will be cheaply manufactured and cheaply priced (i.e., still no blu ray).

  15. avatar JDot4

    This is a real stretch but if Sony could really improve the PSEye, then is it possible it would be able to capture some of the same movements? It seems this is one peripheral that hasn’t been supported that well, IMO. Time will tell

  16. avatar QuotetheRavenNEVERMORE!

    Microsoft won’t release any new technology without Sony being aware and on their way to new technology as well. The peak of the Xbox hasn’t been reached yet and especially not the PS3… This is business to them and competition to us. Microsoft and Sony love to see us fight about consoles cuz they are making more money from us being suckers… I own a PS3 and I love it, but microsoft releasing a new console would make more since cuz the PS3 is starting to bring out its best. Good luck microsoft cuz you are going to need it…

  17. avatar WitWolfyZA

    I dont think that will happen. The minority report sliding screens are just ways to keep the people excited ,but whats the bet that it will happen though??? not very likely . MS need to consentrate more on hardware relaibility then software candy. All we Xbox owners know what im talking about. Yes the xbox has been maxed. And yes PS3 is shaping up .MS is losing ground ill stand by my console but I see nothing good comming from just letting people down with high hopes.

  18. avatar Azrael007

    I hate to break it to you buddy, but if Microsoft premiered 3D technology on the 360 two years from now that wouldn’t be “the final blow to Sony,” it means they would be two years behind. Sony is demoing new PS3-compatible 3D technology later this year in April, and is expected to start producing “3D” games before the year is out.

  19. avatar nathsontop

    so you wont need a controller at-all that sounds just like the eye toy from playstation (about 6 year old), cool rock n ms make yourself a laughing stock.

  20. avatar Lame

    hell theres pc’s already out that can do the minority report crap.
    extremly expensive but there out there so MS incorperating it into there next xbox is not that hard to believe.
    now all we need is laser TV’s(wich were supose to be out last year WTF) and touch screen TV’s and computer/laptops.
    o yea and proper 3D gaming not that crap Nvidia recently released.

  21. avatar Bozo

    The most important aspect to be inculded in a next gen console is the ability to fully immerse the player into the game’s environment. the ability to live inside the game, to track your head movement and change the camera accordingly is very important to me and it will be a real next gen experience, wheather you play a FPS,driving/racing, flying or anything else.

    This technology is available today to PC games from a company like Vuzix, but still the resolution of those things isn’t that high and the field of view isn’t that wide.

  22. avatar swice

    I thought I read somewhere that Sony isn’t going to be releasing the “PS4″ anytime soon. I think it would be a bad idea for Microsoft to release something of this scale in the next 2 years; It’s probably going to be as expensive as all hell, and who wants to shell out another billion dollars on a new console right now? Games are STILL $60 a pop. How expensive would these new games be? In my opinion, the 360 still has buttloads of potential, and still has problems that need to be fixed. Why do companies have to rush into the “New Generation” so quickly every generation? The PS3 and 360 are absolute powerhouses, and I want to see what they can REALLY do. Man…I don’t know

  23. avatar o

    wont happen microsoft will release a new console no earlier than 2012, mongers

  24. avatar Eric

    I swear to god if I read one more article that hasn’t been read over or at least thrown into msword to be spell-checked, I’m going to murder someone. Please, do me and everyone else a favor if you care so little about journalistic pride, and just kill yourself, because the horrendous grammar and spelling in your writing wreaks of “I don’t even have a bachelor’s in writing”. So shut your face hole the next time you feel like spurting out some ill-written garbage you call journalism. Pathetic ass wipe.

  25. avatar Fossil16

    We all benefit from a MS buying a 3d company… I’m a ps3 owner but I also own a PC (thats where I benefit)….. but in perspective of this article: about a month ago I read an article about SONY has something already in the process of 3D, with gaming and tv’s!!! Nothing saying about PS3 or possiblility of PS4 but it is already on the drawing board. So this is nothing new besides MS buying out another company to further their agenda.

    ALSO a BIG ALSO: If MS brings out another console while the PS3 is still out, what is that saying about the 360: It couldn’t hold it’s own against the PS3 so it had to call out a bigger brother to help it in the console war!!!! IMO

  26. avatar Name (Required)

    Evey one knows that this information could be very in-actuate. And actually not even true. Unless there is a press release to go with this I won’t trust it farther the I can spit.

    Its not worth spreading rumors.

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