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Resident Evil 5 has had its fair share of controversy. In addition to Xbox gamers taking issue with its outdated control system, a small fraction gaming community also claims that it is racist. Thought to be racist long ago when it was first revealed that the location of the game was in Africa, angry mobs subsided for about a year with no apparent reason. Recently, Eurogamer has re-ignited the racism controversy in Resident Evil 5.  Fear not readers, this is nothing new: Resident Evil has always been racist.

Resident Evil hates Hispanics


Every Hispanic “protaganist” found in the Resident Evil series dies a terrible death. Compound this is the fact that every enemy in Resident Evil 4 is Hispanic. When Leon Kennedy isn’t busy rescuing the American president’s daughter, he’s supporting America’s “hidden agenda”. The enemies, called “Ganados” (racist) hail from Spain, but they sound stereo-typically Mexican. Is this because Capcom didn’t understand the difference between the two nations, or is this the work of an even darker force? If this isn’t Bush-era propaganda, I don’t know what is.

Resident Evil hates animals


What did a wild pack of dogs say when Umbrella corp. injected them with a virus, turning them into rabid zombified versions of their previous selves? Dogs can’t talk: but if they could, they probably wouldn’t like it. These poor defenseless pooches were rounded up one day and turned into killing machines because Capcom felt like it. But Resident Evil doesn’t stop at dog murder; you also must euthanize crows, snakes, worms, and crocodiles. One area of Resident Evil 3 even requires a killing spree in a local Zoo. There hasn’t been this much human-on-dog violence since the un-aired Scooby-Doo episode. Even then, this is probably worse.

Resident Evil hates Religious folk


Practice religion around the protagonists of Resident Evil? You’ll probably end up being blown to bits by a Rocket Launcher. One entire level in Resident Evil 4 is in a monastery: apparently, religion in enclosed spaces makes you hostile. Religious folk also evidently love hording tons of gold and machine guns in their holy haven of death. Japan is a nation known for it’s agnosticism and all around God-less-ness: Coincidence?

Resident Evil? More like Resident Atheists.

Resident Evil hates Germans


Capcom goes out on a limb for this one. Not only is the sole German character in any Resident Evil a villain (didn’t see that one coming), but his name is also just as ridiculous: Krauser. If that name doesn’t invoke World War II-Era hatred, I don’t know what will. Krauser spends the entire game hunting the profilic hero with a knife and a bow. The Japanese are no stranger to making Germans named Krauser maniacally evil (see WolfGang Krauser). Oh; he’s also parasitic. Double entendre, Capcom?

Resident Evil poorly portrays Cyborgs (racist)

Yes, Resident Evil has a cyborg character. Did you know that? Apparently Wesker underwent some “changes” after the first game, and now has super-human abilities much like the Governator’s most popular film character. There aren’t many cyborgs walking the earth these days, and apparently one of the few that exists loves to beat women more than James Brown. Yep, you heard that right. In the above scene, Wesker proceeds to beat Claire into a pulp for no apparent reason. He’s also prone to double crossing, blackmail, and murderous rampages. Albert Wesker: Abusive Cyborg? Or just mis-represented?

Resident Evil hates Women


As mentioned above, most of the main villains in Resident Evil beat women. Many other famous stars have beaten women: James Brown, Ike Turner, and now, Resident Evil 3′s Nemesis. Nemesis stalks Jill Valentine at every turn, and slaps her every time he sees her. In fact, his mission is to kill all STARS Special Forces members, but in actualilty he seems to just like smacking around “the weaker sex”.

Resident Evil hates White People


Finally, Resident Evil hates white people. It was bad enough that the Caucasian Cachaemic Crew were the villains of not only Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3, but they were also recently seen in Resident Evil Zero.  In fact, every Resident Evil game but two of them has white villains.  Apparently, everyone who lives in a Mansion has to be White, and dress terribly (this is not only racist but economically insensitive).

So there you have it. Resident Evil: Survival Horror? Or Horribly Racist? You decide.

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Disclaimer: This is satirical. This is sad I have to post this

  1. Lol, this is good stuff. I would argue that God is racist because Adam and Eve were white, and that he hates animals because the snake was berated.

    The universe is racist for labeling treacherous space vacuums “black” holes.

    Dead Rising is prejudiced against consumers, Kirby is offensive to people with eating disorders, and Pac-Man is a disrespect to the deceased.

  2. avatar incredible

    actually adam and eve were not white, they held genes to create both white and black ppl makin them brown. and they did exist bc every person on this earth has the same mother (when u go back enough generations) they find this threw the midocondrial(spelled wrong) dna but only the mother can be tracked usin this method not the father.

    • avatar dathinkingman

      you DO realize that there is a difference of thousands of years between microcondrial eve and chromosomal adam? just because science uses the same labels as religion does do not mean they are talking about the same thing. adam and eve is still a mythology of a religion that was followed by tribes people of middle east.

  3. @incredible

    “ctually adam and eve were not white”

    lol, tell that to my childhood illustrated bible.

  4. @incredible
    You described the plot of Parasite Eve

  5. Heh, you guys are getting all religious. Good article though.

  6. avatar Harrykid32

    Agreed with incredible =P.

  7. avatar Bandcoot

    LOL. Man, what an awesome article. Perfect for those who scream out at every little thing… when it’s not necessary!

  8. avatar Name (Required)

    goddamn incredible is stupid

  9. avatar Blade

    You are one sensitive little Idiot… Its a Freakin’ Game!!!

    • avatar Ebeli

      I Have mixed feielngs about the DLC’s. Don’t we already pay enough for video games without having to pay extra for what should have been included in the first place??

  10. avatar @Blade

    Did you read the poster’s disclaimer?

    “Disclaimer: This is satirical (a joke). This is sad I have to post this”

  11. avatar Guy

    This article is pure genius. Made my day.
    You’re definitely going in my RSS feed.

  12. avatar Heheh

    We need more articles like this one :) All that “ZOMG RE5 IS LIEK SO RACIST” craze is annoying the hell out of me, can’t stand those stupid whining crybabies.
    gamerlimit > eurogamer

  13. avatar xino


  14. avatar lol

    Incredible your an idiot, two individuals would not be enough to sustain a genetically viable population, for one thing with such a limited gene pool in-breeding would be endemic and genetic flaws and recessive traits would be evident within 2 generations in another 2 generations you would be hard pressed to find an individual without such faults. Please take your religion else where. oh and at the article lol

  15. “Disclaimer: This is satirical. This is sad I have to post this.”

    For some reason, this was just a tad more humorous than the otherwise entirely hilarious article.

  16. avatar A Gaurdner

    I don’t necessarily think that RE5 is racist. But I don’t think that it was a good idea to have a white character go to africa and shoot up black zombies. I see how this would offend people because blacks have endured enough in america through the years. I’m not trying to play the race card (not on purpose), but how would some people feel if the there was a black main character that went to a primarily white country and shot up all the white people. I think their would have been more of a controversy than now. I’m black, but i will probably be getting RE5, but i can imagine some of my friends coming over and being a little offended by the game.

  17. @Guy

    I love it! Check back more often, and voice your comments as often as you’d like :D

  18. avatar you wish sucka

    Good artical stupid people this is exactly why i love the net!

  19. Religion needs to be let out of games. Too much complaining!

  20. avatar LiiBot

    Why does this make so much sense? LOL

  21. avatar Chris Crimson

    If your friends think its racist that you’re killing black guys in Africa just remind them that the game ISN’T MADE BY WHITE PEOPLE. Besides they aren’t just shooting black guys… they are shooting zombie black guys and I don’t care if you’re white, black, asian, hispanic, if you’re a zombie…you’re getting shot.

  22. avatar Taker

    RE5 are made by asians do you think asian people are going to go racist on black people, seriously? going into the RSS feed now.

    • avatar Mert

      kazzo sncelimpmeete fantastico!! e io ke pensavo dovessi per forza avere la play 3 per giokare a RE5..e stando ai video ke ho visto sar una figata pazzesca

  23. avatar Anon

    How can you say a disease/virus cannot infect anyone of a different skin color. Count how many times has a zombie apocalypse affected white people, then count how many times it has affected Africans. The ratio is pretty outrageous. I think it’s pretty racist of you to think a disease can only affect white people.

  24. avatar Mayor McCheese

    Judging by the demo, and comparing it to the older video They added white people into RE5… now can someone explain how a blond Frat-boy ended up in Africa as a zombie?
    (Was there a Raging Kegger in Djibouti that he couldn’t pass up?)

  25. avatar Name (Required)


  26. avatar ataros2

    DUMB! STUPID! Morons! If Jill was s victim of sexism than why was she the BADASS of the game to play? Religion was never importnat in the game considering all of the various games and horror movies that did the same. It’s OK whne you attack or maim a pagan culture for a story line but OHhhhhhh if you ever go after GODS FOrgotten. DID ANY OF THESE BIBLE THUMPERS NOTICE THAT THERE ARE 2 VERSIONS OF THE CREATION STORY just like in any other made up religion in any other religion. I believe that ll religions have truth and lies and I am sure as hell not gonna let anyone tell me some bullshit about more bullshit. I’m a pagan and as long as the goddess is happy with we treat her than she will love us too.

  27. avatar name (required)

    all pagans will BURN IN HELL. that means you ataros2. muahahahaha!!!

  28. avatar AndrewBoldman

    da best. Keep it going! Thank you

    • avatar Zombie Obssesion

      good good white male good good

    • avatar Jonathan

      l agree with some of the things you said. l hgtuhot this was a good movie. Granted some of the things were cheesey and lame but i felt like it could have been better with a littler more action, and they could have come up with some of the ideas for the movie on their own.Ex: Executioner Majini (Guy with the axe) And the two new zombies the dog majini and the zombie majini (ones with the parasites in their mouth) and Whesker how he is now infected with the T-virus and how he has a parasite too

  29. avatar Zombie Obssesion

    Zombies make me horni. good job on the investigation good good you are good job white male good good

  30. avatar name (required can't be "PENIS")

    “potatoes are like tomatoes, just with a p”
    - that smart guy on that blog on the gamer limit website

  31. avatar Yuka

    I love these super long ptcoasds where you guys dissect a game (series) even if I’ve never played any of them.How about Ninja Gaiden, hmmm ?

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