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Punch Out!! Wii is now set to release May 19th. While waggle support is an absolute must for this game, we can only hope that some classic bruisers return for this long-awaited sequel. Of course, some are obvious, like Glass Joe and Von Kaiser who are shown in the picture, we can only hope that some of the more iconic or memorable foes will return. (I’m looking at you Narcis Prince).

While I thourougly enjoyed Punch Out!! (yes those exclamation marks are official) on the NES, Super Punch Out!! will always have a special place in my heart. Filled with completely unique fighters, it was one boxing game that never got old. It pioneered elements like time trials in a fighting game, and hosted some completely wacky fighters.

Narcis Prince


A pretty boy at heart, Narcis Prince was one awesome adversary. Does the “V” on his shirt stand for “vain” or “vanity”? Either one could work, as this guy did everything possible to protect his face. If you finally clocked him in his kisser, he got extremely angry, disheveled, and vengeful. Use this time to knock him to the mat with your super uppercut and bodyblows! You wish you could have Narcis Prince’s hair.

Hoy Quarlow


Hoy Quarlow is a cheater! Not only does he hop around the entire ring, but he uses his trademark staff to beat you senseless. While it was kind of gimmicky to include a boxer with a weapon, it was still very rewarding to down someone who apparently is allowed to break the rules. Oh, and it sucked getting beat down by an old dude.

Mad Clown


Tit for tat, Mad Clown is one of the best encounters ever done in a video game. He had a whole host of tricks to defeat you, but his most unique attack was his juggle ball manuever. The laugh-master jumped back out of your reach, and threw balls at two parts of the screen, forcing you to either dodge left, right, or just stand still. They were tossed a breakneck speed, so it was imperative that your hand-eye coordination be at it’s best!

Heike Kagero


With a name you can hardly pronounce and an extremely metro hair style, you wouldn’t expect Heike to be a formidable foe. Nintendo Power itself even called this guy “kind of a pansy”. But, if you’ve ever played a video game with a character than can attack with their hair you will know this assumption is completely false.

Dragon Chan


Wait?! Is this boxing, or kick-boxing?! Dragon Chan cares as little about the rules as people do about cheap Bruce Lee imitations. Dragon would jump across the ropes, and dragon kick you in the face. Also completely unique to his character, Dragon goes into a meditative state, and heals himself. Quick, super uppercut!

Great Tiger


Great Tiger was probably my first coolest boss battle ever. When you’re a kid, nothing is cooler than teleporting boxers who wear animal skin ring coats. Punch Out!! NES gives you a bunch of decently cool fights, but then blows you away with this “Master of Mirages”.

Soda Popinski


In what is probably the most hilarious re-naming coverup since Street Fighter’s “Mike Bison”, Nintendo changed the real name of “Vokda Drunkinski” to “Soda Popinski”. So that’s what he was drinking! Soda Popinski was the “noob basher” of the NES Punch Out!! It was possible to irk by without much skill up until him, but once you got there, be prepared to restart the game numerous times before progressing!

Mike Tyson


Is there a snowball’s chance of this happening? Nope! But we can all collectively hold our breath. Mike Tyson was the single most challenging opponent in both major iterations of Punch Out!! Mike would beat the living pulp out of Nick Bruiser (Super Punch Out!!’s final foe), much less your little brother. Few people even saw Mike Tyson in-game; when I was younger, I made it to him a few times, but could never actually beat him. What a legacy!

Wii Punch Out!! Trailer

If anyone wants to start doing Super Punch Out!! time trials again, let me know. I’ll start a forum post.

  1. avatar jimboinski-176

    I agree, mike tyson would be a great draw to this game, but lets face it this game will be a huge draw no matter what considering there are not that many good titles releasing on the console. House the dead overkill rocks and this game will be an instant classic. Probably one of the only reasons I have kept my wii following when I got sick of mario kart.

  2. avatar tommygunn

    You are right except mario kart was a let down. i love overkill though. parading on past successes will ultimately kill the Big N…..eventually

    • avatar Anisa

      Actually, it was Mike Tyson’s Punch Out on NES first. Then after Tyson lost the belt to Buster Douglas, they changed it to just Punch Out and racpeled him with a Vanilla Ice-looking white dude named Mr. Dream. He fought exactly like Tyson, they just changed his look.Dalton J. Fox’s last blog post..

  3. @tommygunn

    I’m still waiting for my amazing sequel to Donkey Kong 64. For people who still think he’s a Rare exclusive, Nintendo made the Donkey Konga game after DK64, instead of working on a true sequel.

  4. avatar Name (Required)

    Looks worse than a flash game. Surely this isnt a full-priced game?

  5. avatar I am wesker

    at chris carter agree and never understood why they havent made a true sequel, those donkey konga games are not good. I never understood why they went in such a different direction as a successful franchise as DK contry games? Also punch out looks decent (graphic wise) but i bet the gameplay is ridiculously fun!!!

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