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With a new slew of games beginning to rear their heads, the first major title being released in less than a week, the entire videogaming world is gearing up for an all out brawl when Street Fighter IV is released on February 17th in America, Japan, and Europe almost simultaneously (all within a week of each other). Being released on consoles, some may find the controller a little unfitting when attempting certain moves (Akuma’s Raging-Demon comes to mind). However, if you’re a hardcore fighting addict, don’t think third party controllers are exactly the best quality, and you have about two and a half grand to blow, then I’ve got the product for you: Dreamcade Impact.

For those needing their arcade stick and 6 button layout, special controllers will be available on SFIV’s release, a hefty little pricetag of about 80 bucks; mind that these controllers are manufactured by third parties, which don’t always yield the greatest results. If you opt to upgrade from an arcade stick to a full on cabinet, you won’t be dissapointed. Allowing for full integration of either the Xbox 360, PS3, or a Windows based PC, the Dreamcade Impact is simply an arcade system designed specifically for fighting games. Within the cabinet will be hook ups for the console that you ordered (the Xbox 360 and PS3 also come with PC connections) from, as well as Hyper Street Fighter II: Anniversary Edition and Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike available for play right out of the box. The system comes with a trackball and pinball side buttons, a 29” monitor, lighted utility buttons, lockable access door, and a hidden keyboard shelf, all as standard equipment. You may upgrade the cabinet, for extra money, with an extra adapter so both consoles may be plugged into the arcade ($89) and you can replace the 2 1/4” trackball with a 3” one ($119), but the latter will extend your shipping time by about a week. Including shipping costs and the two

The 19" screen

The 19″ Screen

upgrades, which should not be avoided just because of their prices, you’re looking at about $3,000. If you want to save about a thousand dollars, you can downgrade to the 19” screen, which rounds out to a little more reasonable price of $2,000. Shipping is $359 to anywhere in the continental United States, and takes approximately one to three weeks, given your distance from the manufacturer.

Not only does Dream Arcade offer a superb arcade fighting cabinet that may be utilized not only for Street Fighter titles, but all fighting games and presumably all Xbox 360 or PS3 games, they also offer cabinets that have classic arcades games, like Centipede, Gaunlet, and Rampage, pre-installed and ready to go as soon as you plug in the system. Each pre-built system is PC based, which allows for further games to be added on, through the power of emulation and ROMs, acquired through legal means, of course. Even if you are far, far away from owning one of these fantastic machines, I highly suggest checking out for reminiscent purposes alone, for the traditional arcade that we grew up in is truly on its last leg.

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