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As a new feature, Gamer Limit is reaching out to the community to see which games are the “best” in their respective genre. Our new “Mash Up” feature showcases one retro and one modern game fighting for the crown. The first competition category is “beat ‘em ups”: hit the jump for a look at both games, and instructions on how to vote!

Streets of Rage 2


Streets of Rage 2 is in just about every Genesis enthusiasts’ collection. Released in 1992 during the golden age of beat ‘em ups, Streets of Rage became a classic. One of the few beat ‘em ups at the time that had 4 vastly different selectable characters at the beginning, the Streets of Rage series pioneered many new beat ‘em up mechanics. A departure from others in the genre at the time, Streets of Rage 2 had life bars for every enemy, and boasted an upgraded weapons system.

Also, just like Streets of Rage, you could do team attacks with your partner. While the story was nothing to write home about, the gameplay was incredibly challenging, and most of all, fun. Streets of Rage 2 has withstood the test of time, and is still one of the best beat ‘em ups to this day.


Or Marvel Ultimate Alliance?


Marvel Ultimate Alliance was developed by Activision, and released in 2006 on every platform imaginable.  It was the successor to the very popular X Men: Ultimate Alliance series, and ended up becoming more successful. Ultimate Alliance boasts over 40 playable characters, counting unlocks and downloadable content. The gameplay is similar to typical beat ‘em ups, but also includes small RPG elements. Your character, after leveling up, may increase his stats or unlock new abilities.

The band of superheroes has to stop a scheme of epic proportions: Doctor Doom has teamed up with every villain imaginable to conquer the world. Players travel through unique locales like Arcade’s Amusement Park, Murderworld, to Asgard, the mythological realm of Thor and Loki. Marvel Ultimate Alliance smashed other action games at the time in terms of sales, and the next-gen versions hold a respectable 82% over at Gamerankings.


You Decide!

Feel free to post your choice, and reasons for your opinion, here in the comments section. Also, look over to the sidebar, find the poll in the lower right corner, and officially vote! After this poll, we’ll be right back into action with our next topic:”shoot ‘em up mash up”. Thanks for participating!

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  1. I chose Streets of Rage 2, because of the fact that it’s one of the best mindless pummel beat ‘em ups out there.

  2. avatar tut tut tut

    SOR 2 because it’s f’n awesome!

  3. Street Of Rage is the series causing me to buy the upcoming Mega Drive Collection – it’s just timeless, a milestone in gaming.

  4. avatar Mica

    Street Of Rage ! It’s a classic, Marvel Ultimate Alliance will never become one.

  5. avatar frost

    Marvel is fukin awesome

  6. avatar Monster Power

    Streets of Rage hands down! “Grasshoppa”!! And the music, Timeless! ^_^

  7. avatar xino

    comparing a next gen game to a 16bit game???

  8. avatar Edge

    Many 16bit games are better than next gen games with there graphics and fancy button combination. SOR2 has great music, and was mindless fun. Hands down one of the best brawlers ever.

  9. avatar Wangster

    I wholeheartedly agree that SOR2 is the best brawler out there. The one question I have, is where the hell did that screen shot come from? It’s the bar from Stage 1, but there aren’t plants in my Genesis version. Also, the character avatar for Axel in the top left is from SOR2 not SOR3. And to top it all off, it has SOR1′s special attack?!? Did someone photoshop this just to confuse the holy hell out of me!?

  10. @xino

    yea, this is a new feature we found interesting. A kind of “clash” of generations if you will. Gamer Limit wants to see if retro games still hold up in our current generation :D

  11. avatar Adnan

    Streets if Rage 2 All the way!!! one of the best classics ever

  12. avatar fusionboxer

    actually Wangster that bar was from Streets of Rage 2. It’s the area you go through and have your first encounter in SO2 with the whip girls before you go into the alley way and fight the bar keeper in the rain. After that is the next stage.

  13. avatar fusionboxer

    oh and forgot to say I mos def choose streets of rage 2. It was my most played game on the genesis besides sonic 3 in the sonic and knuckles cartridge.

  14. avatar Malcos

    That SOR2 screenshot might be from streets of rage remake.

  15. @Malcos
    Good eye! I updated the screenshot to avoid further confusion :D

  16. avatar draco

    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance hands down. If it weren’t for Double Dragon Streets Of Rage wouldn’t be where they were-although they improved on what Double Dragon did, it owes its existence to that franchise.
    Ultimate Alliance offers more variety and a better storyline to work with and lots of unlockable characters and secrets to work with.

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