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By: | February 1st, 2009 | Nintendo DS
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In Fall 2007 Renegade Kid released their first game, Dementium: The Ward on the Nintendo DS. Now, a little over a year later they have released Moon. Dementium was considered a standout technical achievement on the DS, so how does Moon fare against the ever growing DS library? Read on to find out.


Moon tells the story of the discovery of a mysterious hatch on the moon. You take control of Major Kayne, leader of a special task force sent in to investigate this anomaly. Of course upon entering the hatch, it is clear that something serious is going down and it is up to you to stop it. So off you venture into the halls built by some unknown race of beings deep within the moon. You find evidence of abductions, human experiments, and prior alien contact. For the most part, the story in Moon is decent, never rising to that epic tale it could be, yet never falling into mediocrity.


Moon mostly consists of exploring the expansive underground facility. This is where the main problems come to light. The only enemies you encounter during your entire romp are the security robots. The enemy types feel diverse, and the game does a good job of throwing a new enemy or two at you just when it begins to feel old until about half way through. From there on out, it began to feel repetitious. Until the very last area of the game, it all felt recycled, I was just doing the same thing over and over. Perhaps if the enemy variety increased, or the levels changed visual style at all, this drag could have been avoided.

The gameplay is not all wandering through corridors and shooting robots. Moon does attempt to spice things up with a few vehicle segments. While they do a good job in alleviating the repetition, the controls where a bit floaty and they fall by the wayside after the first third of the game. Moon also includes a second “character” to take control of, the RAD or Remote Access Droid. This little guy is your constant companion, he accesses small tunnels which allow him to trip switches and fine items that you could not normally reach. I thought it was a nice diversion from the standard shoot everything in sight mechanic, but it too, eventually began to feel repetitious.


While the gameplay of Moon may not be the most impressive on the system, what it does beneath that is spectacular. Almost every room in Moon has something going on it. Be it sloshing liquid, chugging machinery, or conveyor belts shuttling various things, the environment never ceases to amaze. Nothing else on the DS has this much going on at once. Everything is constantly shuffling, shifting, and moving. The enemies are zipping around the screen, with everything moving in the background. Even with all this going on, the frame rate never drops below a buttery smooth 60 fps.

Moon even has several challenge levels, unlocked by finding artifacts throughout the campaign, which are incredibly challenging, as something to do after completing the game. Moon also scores you on your performance in each chapter. It provided me with a goal, I wanted to do better each time. For some this would provide added length, though I had no desire to go back and best my previous score. I did want to go back and find all the hidden items, which include health extensions, gun upgrades, and artifacts.


I went into Moon expecting a standard corridor shooter. What I ended up with was a corridor shooter with a few extra features that separated it from other such titles. Moon astounded me how much it could do with the limited power of the DS. Even when it began to drag on, I still enjoyed the game, though I wish it was a few chapters shorter. In spite of the repetition, Moon manages to be one of the best First Person Shooters on the DS.

Rating Category
9.0 Presentation
Decent graphics for the DS, and smazing background fetails.
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7.0 Gameplay
Great FPS action That gets repetative from level design.
7.5 Sound
Good soundtrack and effects, with mediocre dialog.
6.0 Longevity
Great for the first runthrough, But the extra levels are not for everyone.
7.8 Overall
Moon is a great game that unfortunately dragged towards the end.

  1. Nice review; the graphics are decent for a DS

  2. Heh yeah, interesting game.
    May pick it up one day.

  3. For a second I was almost positive that you said you play as Major Kanye.

  4. avatar Yllier

    I recently bought this game, it was pretty good at first but became repetitive far too fast. Once you enter the first hatch and beat it, you basically have the whole game there. The only big difference between hatches is the bosses at the ends, and a few new obstacles along the way. I’m nearly done the game and I’ve hardly put any time into it. I realize this is an “adventure/shooter” but the gunfights felt slow and I didn’t believe them much. I think they put too much emphasis on avoiding avoiding enemy bullets.
    That all said, Renegade Kid did do plenty right. The enemies always seem to drop the right ammo for you. The graphics are actually really good for the DS(When your actually playing it, it’s way better then the screenshots), and audio was weird but worked. So far I’ve only encountered one glitch that really made any difference.
    This is a great in every way except for lastability(As stated in the review right above me ^), although the controls could have been tightened up.

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