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Japanese garage rock band Beat Crusaders have managed to make a music video that features Sackboy as we’ve never seen him before. The band’s latest single ‘Phantom Planet’ sees the real world and the LittleBigPlanet universe combine with fantastic results.

The clip features the band’s faces stuck on those of Sackboys, who are shown both through in-game footage and that which takes structures and elements from the game and sticks them into the real world. Particularly impressive is the way the fairground manages to look like it could actual be giving an insight into the future of the series – the 3D world looks very cool indeed – while Sackboys playing guitars and drums are quite a sight.

It must be noted that the group are signed to DefSTAR Records, a division of Sony Music, which would explain the concept and the high budget production of the video. Even so, this sure is a great way to promote LittleBigPlanet.

Click the link to watch the video now, or enjoy the embed!

Beat Crusaders – Phantom Planet

  1. Oh man I love Beat Crusaders AND LittleBigPlanet! This is like some kind of beautiful and oddly positived acid trip! May the cup of LittleBigPlanet goodness runneth over.

  2. haha so awesome. I have been weaning off LBP as of late; I already want a new mechanics pack!

  3. I see they have released some kind of Wipeout pack… So much more to come from the game.

    Only a matter of time before they add to the Paintinator gun to evolve gameplay some more!

    Reminds me, I have a level to finish creating!

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