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There goes a saying, ‘simplicity is bliss’, again unfortunately, it does not work out for the Nintendo Wii. From their avatars ‘Mii’, to their games, nothing about this console and its games are complex – absolutely nothing, and while that might be tolerable at the beginning, it gets more irritating the more I look at it. Nothing has a awe-level of detail in this console and gaming package, nothing at least to contend with the other consoles out there.

The first example is the Wii menus and channels. The layout is extremely basic, just a collection of boxes with some color in them. There are no options to customize the layout, nor are you able to edit the background of the Menu, it overall just remains a dull screen. Moving further, the channels themselves are quite simplistic too. There are no textures, often just the same white background or if not, replaced with a single color. The implementation of themes much like with the Xbox 360 would have looked fantastic, even having some pre-loaded ones, it would have made all this so much more attractive.

The second example is the avatars, referred to as ‘Mii’. Around the time of launch, these were the main selling points marketed for this console, but again, they are just too basic. The only real options available are to customize the facial features of the avatar, and while you can even go as far as to move around each of the features, it just looks too cartoonish. With limbs represented as cylinders for arms and legs and circles for the hands and feet, it follows through with this idea of minimalism. Sure, you can edit their height, weight and color of their shirt, but it all doesn’t prove itself as being impressive. Having now been available for two years, I would expect some updates to be provided to expand the options to customize their characters – but that is a large wish.

The third and final example, are the games themselves. Sure, there are some titles which have some decent graphics, but notice how none of them are being used to display these rendered and wonderfully designed levels and worlds? Super Mario Galaxy without a doubt looks stunning, but there isn’t the detail on the environments like say, the grass, walls and water in something like Perfect Dark Zero – as old as it may be. I guess this all enforces this idea of not being too serious a game for the market, and I will most likely tolerate it in this example, but there are only so many times you can make all your games too cartoonish before gamers expect something more.



Extending onwards from the idea of ‘simplicity’, this carries on towards the physical design of the console and its peripherals. Finally, a Nintendo console is able to play normal sized discs, but the option to play DVDs is not possible! The reason given by a leading engineer of the console was that most families had a DVD-player already and to add another in the console would be a waste, but then comes in the idea of changing devices to watch and play discs all the time – going only halfway to play games and not movies is beyond me.

There is also an issue with the Wii controller I found as well, and this ties back to the idea that the design is not as ‘free’ as we would like to believe. I am disappointed at the fact that the controller is sold in two pieces, when we all know that most games require both pieces and not just the one – I can only think of this as a money-making scheme from the company and that does pain me to say so, because if anything, I would have thought of Nintendo as the most customer-centered company in the industry. Also having them connected via a cable, and not having both utilize the motion sensor technology is somewhat confusing as well, as in many cases, the cable gets in the way.

Casual Market


The largest gripe I have with this console though, is how centered it is towards the casual gaming market, so much so that hardcore gamers are almost completely ignored. There are only a handful of games which offer excellent gameplay, and the rest can simply be described as B-Grade. Going further, we have titles like Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl which are extremely well-polished games but on the flip-side, we have other games like Cooking Mama which are hardly worthy of a ‘Game of the Year’ mention – and even that game doesn’t work truly well with the motion sensors. Looking at all that, it makes me feel less about Nintendo’s latest incarnation – rather, its just a piece of machinery which game developers have abused to cash in on a ton of games which use the new features of the console, and which are guaranteed to make a quick dollar because of all the younger gamers the Wii attracts.

At the moment, it is the heavy-hitters which are carrying Nintendo along. Games including Mario, all the Wii-Fit/Sports and other unique titles like Brain Training are keeping the sales up, but eventually, Nintendo is going to have saturated the market and their sales will eventually fall – after all, casual gamers don’t rush out for the newest games each month like hardcore gamers do. If the company was able to target both markets, I think these views of mine would be entirely different.



With all that said, I’m no engineer, but I do have a collection of ideas which I feel would make the next console from Nintendo a whole lot accessible for gamers out there. For starters, the simplistic approach needs to be dropped completely. It has come to a point now where functionality is impaired. More vibrant colors on the menus and some sharper looking graphics can still retain the appeal towards casual gamers whilst not seem like the entire system is ‘dumbed’ down. Graphics also have to be improved with their games. Referring to previous points, not only will it attract titles like Call of Duty but it will also help to make the entire gaming experience a whole lot more enjoyable for Nintendo gamers. High definition settings should also be made available as more consumers and households switch to LCD and plasma televisions.

Features and technology also should be improved Too. Include a DVD-drive while the discs are as large, make the motion sensor device precise pre-launch and build-upon that innovation which Nintendo has made a reputation of doing for the past few years.

I often believe that a well-designed system and game take more than just longevity, graphics and features. Nintendo has honed the departments of gameplay and innovation, but aspects  such as graphics need to be lifted all-around. If they are able to do this, not only will the company benefit from sales from the casual market, but also from the hardcore market as well, which is where continual sales are to be made. You must remember as I close this, that this article was not written to highlight the greater aspects of the Wii, nor was it written to compare it to other consoles.

I wanted to look at what was holding back this console, what made the Wii not as great as its predecessors, and what came together to prevent this console from becoming another great piece of gaming machinery for its time. I truly think, that if Nintendo was able to retain what it does well, and then improve upon what might be lacking, it could most definitely assist in continuing this great company for years to come.

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  1. The Wii carved out a 3 billion dollar niche for itself. Nintendo doesn’t need any tips. It needs its own bank.

  2. avatar Chris

    No offense, but this is basically the same tired old trolling we’ve all read a thousand times before. If you can’t find good games to play on the Wii then you’re just not trying very hard.

  3. avatar Nick

    Yes the Wii has made a boatload of money due to the casual market and yes we have all read this a million times, but that doesn’t make what he is saying any less true. I feel bad for the Nintendo fan boys that are used to the great games and graphics being stuck with the Wii. The 360 and PS3 are much better systems despite not making as much money.

  4. avatar Mister Hand

    I don’t normally comment on this nonsense, but I knew the Wii was going to kick the s— out of everyone back when everyone else thought the PS3 was the heir apparent. Games are nothing without good control. Over the years, control on the major consoles has become increasingly complex and decreasingly intuitive. More buttons does not a better controller make. Nintendo saw this opportunity to do something revolutionary, and they did it. Advancing the medium is what makes something “next gen.” Nintendo did that. Xbox and PS3 did not. They are essentially the exact same consoles as last generation with prettier graphics. The Wii is the only “next gen” console on the market at the moment (to loosely quote Will Wright).

  5. avatar Nick

    By your definition of “next gen” there have been very few if any “next gen” machines since most systems simply update the graphics and they have a new system. While there are other changes of course like more buttons on the controller, a hard drive, and online capability the graphics and power have always been what are considered next gen. The Wii is more of a last generation system with a new controller.

  6. avatar David Macphail

    Mister Hand – The PS3 controller has the same number of buttons (Minus the “Home” button) as the PS1/PS2 controllers did. Sony haven’t added any extra buttons to their controller over the years – do your research. Also, last – gen graphics is not “Next – Gen” it’s “Last -Gen”, LOL.

  7. avatar Nick

    Another point for Mister Hand is that making sales does not make a product superior. It simply means that it is more accepted by casual market. Look at Tamagotchi, Pokeman, Furby, and tickle me Elmo. None of those were especially advanced or creative compared to other products but everyone wanted one. I would of much rather have a Playstation or N64 in 90′s vs. having these products because they were flat out better. Just because those products sold like crazy and every kid wanted them doesn’t mean that they were superior products.

  8. avatar GamesKore

    Wii is not really a hardcore gaming machine like the PS3 or 360. It’s like being disappointed that a Kia can’t keep up to a Ferrari.

  9. avatar Chris

    Good point. Although a Wii is probably more like a Chevy Cavalier. It sells a bunch of cars each year but that doesn’t make it better than the Ferrari.

  10. avatar Dan

    I’ll wait and see…
    I’ll wait for the next Nintendo home console before I’ll abandon them. I’ve always been a huge Nintendo fan and some of the best gaming ever was to be had on their consoles. I waited in line overnight for a Wii on the realease day. It entertained me for a couple of months, but then I started to get restless. I had never owned a console that wasn’t made by Nintendo. I even stuck with them on the Gamecube. This time was different though, the software didn’t impress me. The hardware didn’t impress me, which was a change because Nintendo had always had fairly powerful consoles. I beat Zelda the first week. Then twiddled my thumbs waiting for something else to come out. I actually enjoyed Call of Duty 3 – that is until I played it on my buddy’s PS3. The graphics blew me away. The online play was addicting and exciting. Feelings the Wii failed to give me.

    So I did some research, and decided to buy a 360 and a huge 1080p LCD and haven’t regretted it for a second. I never turn my 360 off, while my Wii gathers dust. Metroid and Mario Galaxy couldn’t even interest me long enough to complete. If you have a HD TV the Wii looks like crap. The controls are too unreliable for serious gaming. And the games? What games? Yeah all of the first party titles and a few others, but like I said, for some reason even blockbusters like Metroid and Mario didn’t inspire me or capture my attention like they always had before.

    For whatever reasons, that’s my story this generation. I started as a NIntendo fanboy (I mean I own EVERY issue of Nintendo Power) who wouldn’t dream of owning another console brand. To boot, I’m a huge apple fan – so it would be an incredible stretch of the imagination to even consider I would buy Microsoft’s console. But I did. And I love it. Live is so on the money. Despite that pesky rrod problem in the begining, I feel like Microsoft is taking great care of its gamers, whereas I feel abandoned and ignored by Nintendo. Buying a 360 opened me to the possibility of gaming outside of Nintendo. I bought a PSP, which I contribute directly to my willingness to move beyond Nintendo because of my disappointment in the Wii. I can also guarantee I’ll be buying the next XBOX. Good job Nintendo. You drove me to it.

    I do secretly hope that Nintendo blows me away with their next console. They certainly have enough cash around to put into R&D. This time though, I won’t be waiting overnight on release day. At least not without seeing some seriously kick butt specs. Also, how about some real online play? I’ll wait and see what they do next before I write them off for good, but unfortunately I’m not too optimistic. Money talks and they’re swimming in it right now. Why should they change strategies? Sad.

  11. avatar Tommy

    I find that its really sad that even though wii has proven itself,they “still” have people saying that “the games are bad” or “I hardly play it”.Not that I care in all(Since Nintendo won already)but do yourselves a favour you non-believers and stop all this “Nintendo hate”,we get it already,your mad because the wii’s on top,and there’s nothing you can do about.


  12. avatar Idiot

    From the start I already knew it was a junk article.

    You didn’t even fact check. You claim that it’s a shame that both teh nunchuck and remote didn’t use the motion sensing technology when the Nunchuck actually does have motion sensors in it and is used in many games.

    Not only are you completely missing the point of simplicity, which is is why Miis are better and more accurate than Microsoft’s “avatars”, you are putting misinformation and outright LIES in your article.

    Protips for being a better writer: Don’t treat your readers like idiots by claiming you know what’s better for them with their console. And do some fact checking before making yourself look to be an idiot.

  13. avatar another idiot

    I must be one of the few who keeps their Wii on constantly and lets their 360 collect dust.

    IMO, there is no good games for the 360, unless you like playing First-Person/Third-Person Shooters, which I don’t. I think the only thing I got for my 360 in the last few months was SF2THD, and thats an arcade game that I originally played on my SNES. Only reason I have a 360 is for Rare games. Wish Nintendo didn’t sell them off.

    2009 is going to be a great year for Wii, with exclusives like Muramasa : The Demon Blade and Madworld. Who knows what other non-casual titles are in store.

    I’ve been gaming for nearly 20 years. The discrepancy in graphics between the 360 and the Wii isn’t nearly as bad as anyone says. Sure its very noticeable, but if you grew up on 8-bit or 16-bit consoles that stuff shouldn’t matter to you all that much. Yes graphics matter to an extent. I personally could never go back to 8-bits, but look at games like Muramasa. That game is a living, breathing, work of art.

    In the end, Nintendo and Wii is fine. They’re not even directly competing with M$ or Sony and are doing pretty good for themselves.

  14. avatar Hugh Isaacs II

    Yea, your article is all propaganda (and I agree with the guy above me).

    The Wii already has a DVD drive, the reasons why it doesn’t play DVDs is because it would raise the price of the console by having to pay for a DVD license fee.

    And the motion sensor is precise, just difficult for developers to use (Which is why they made the Motion Plus adapter which adds a more sensitive motion sensor to the controller).

    I dunno why all of these articles decide to take the viewpoint of analysts, but whatever I don’t mean to impose my opinion but you’re bad at it.

  15. avatar Hugh Isaacs II

    (I meant I agree with the guy above the guy above me.)

  16. avatar AC

    people here are being hippocritical. the wii is winning this generation just like the ps2 before it. i never heard these stupid analogies (excuses) last generation when ps2 was winning. these stupid analogies like oh chevy whatever sells more than ferraris, but ferrari’s are better. such was the case last gen as well. for those of you, that can remember clearly, the ps2 was the most inferior machine of last gen. in comparison, the cube and xbox were ferraris compared to ps2. clearly many are looking at the past with rose-tinted glasses.

  17. avatar AC

    in other words the best console of the generation has always been the biggest seller in the video game industry. every generation of video games this has been the case. this has never changed, and it hasn’t changed this generation. whether people want to admit it or not, dollar for dollar, the wii is the best game system this generation. and from the looks of 3rd party games this year 2009, the wii looks to explode. just look at 3rd party exclusive lists for 2009 for each console. look at it and tell me different. 360 and ps3 exclusives are looking meager with less and less as time goes on, and more porting between the 2 systems. whether you still are in denial or not, the 3rd parties have moved their support to the best console. and if you don’t like it, too bad. write to EA, ubisoft or someone.

  18. avatar Dv8thwonder

    The Wii is the new PS2.Sure it has its share of shovelware but what popular console doesn’t.Nintendo is on top of the console and the handheld market and there competiton doesn’t seem to be any threat to them.The hardcore market is rapidly shrinking due to the Wii and third parties are taking notice.I forsee less and less support for the HD consoles and more tor the Wii due to its low expense/high profit business model that seems to be working extremely well for Nintendo.Hardcore has become niche.Casual is the new hotness.Long live Nintendo!

  19. avatar Ámon????

    It seems to me that the console with the worst graphics always end up winning. Look at Sega Master System vs Nintendo Entertainment System, Turbografx-16 vs Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 vs PlayStation, GameCube vs PlayStation 2 and PS360/HD Twins vs Wii.

  20. avatar Name (Required)

    Are you new? The N64 and the Gamecube both had graphics FAR superior to the PS1 and the PS2 respectively.

    • avatar Mamey

      I did read the WHOLE THING and i definitely don’t think you sholud buy the dsi xl. I also got extremely bored with my ds lite and feel no urge to get the dsi or xl. 360s are always fun but if you aren’t going to get shooters I really don’t think there would be a point (This is only if you don’t consider halo as a shooter) because that’s what a 360 pretty much is. I think the Nexus One looks cool but ,I mean, if you have the my touch or something just keep it. If you have an Ipod touch and a nice phone definitely don’t get the Nexus. One extra device (the Ipod touch) is worth all of the games you would get with the Nexus. Actually I cant remember if you said you had a phone or not and don’t feel like rereading everything, but that’s my opinion. I would get a 360 and spend the rest of the money on games or something. I don’t exactly know if this is all money you saved up or if its just your allowance or something but if you get money like this a lot why not get all three. Hope this helps somewhat.

    • avatar Zakou

      I must say, as a lot as I enjoyed rdieang what you had to say, I couldnt help but lose interest after a while. Its as if you had a great grasp on the topic matter, but you forgot to include your readers. Perhaps you should think about this from a lot more than one angle. Or maybe you shouldnt generalise so a lot. Its better if you think about what others may have to say instead of just going for a gut reaction to the subject. Think about adjusting your very own thought process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.

  21. avatar surefinewhatever

    Are you new? The N64 and the Gamecube both had graphics FAR superior to the PS1 and the PS2 respectively.

  22. avatar Joe

    I like the ones guys comment about the graphics on the Wii not being far off from the 360. Funny stuff. I feel bad for anyone that thinks they are a gamer and strictly uses the Wii. It is incredibly inferior to the features and games of the PS3/360. Last gen graphics/AI/features/gameplay with a new controller.

    • avatar Azael

      ?( 2011.09.19 20:25 ) : Hi, i can’t speak in CN laagnuge so i use EN laagnuge.Ok i have problem with your latest ACG module. I use it on client-side only (not in server-side). When i start cs1.6 client it will crash immediately. Here’s my PC spec:Processor AMD Athlon II x2 240Operating System Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1RAM 4GBMy CS1.6 client detail (NoSteam):Protocol version 48Exe version (cstrike)Exe build: 16:05:41 Jun 15 2009 (4554)Please give a feedback.ushio ??? ?? 24th, 2011,Well, we don`t have testing environment based on x64, so x64 is not supported at present.

  23. avatar Joe

    Also selling the most doesn’t mean it is the best. Read Nick’s comment above.

  24. avatar AC

    joe, the game industry is not the same as the automobile history. the best system generation by generation has always been the biggest seller in the video game industry. always been since the atari 2600. unless you are now defining what is best on your own terms. if a gamer uses their wii as their main gaming console, who are you to say if they are a gamer or not? if they game, they are a gamer. you have self-elitist complex don’t you?

  25. avatar Joe

    I didn’t mean that they can’t consider themselves gamers. Anyone that plays any game of any sort by definition can be called a gamer. I merely meant that those individuals that strictly use the Wii are missing out on the other systems that have a much wider variety of features to enjoy rather than simply being able to swing your hand to manipulate a game. Total sales figures can be used to determine which product is the biggest success but it doesn’t mean it is the best product. While the “media” crowns the Wii and the PS2. When you break it down we all know the Xbox was a better overall system vs. the PS2 and the Wii doesn’t compare to the 360/PS3. If you choose to include the Wii in this generation than according to sales it will win this generation of videogames. It still doesn’t validate the system that on average has sub par games compared to other systems.

  26. avatar Dan

    Again with the graphics argument? Go back and look at the great PS1 and N64 games and compare them to SNES, Genesis and NES games. They suck don’t they in comparison. Wanna know why? Because just making the technology better does not equal better games. Graphics allow developers to hide a lot of flaws in a game. Hell look at Lair or Sonic Unleashed, beautiful games, but Lair is a bug filled mess and Sonic Unleashed is only half of a fun game. In comparison, Mega Man 9 was one of the most anticipated games of the year and it had the graphics of its old NES counterparts. Also yes we know there is a lot of crap on the Wii right now, but Sony had that last generation with the PS2 and about 75% of the DS lineup is pure garbage and yet somehow the Wii is pegged as this vastly overrated system. How many games do you need anyway? I say if a console has at least 10-15 games you are interested in, then get it. Cause really most of us don’t have the money to be spending thousands on games.

    Oh and if one of you guys EVER sites the fact that they don’t have game “mature” content, I remind you that jsut because there isn’t blood spewing everywhere, doesn’t make a game mature. 12 year olds eat that stuff up as well and they are most certainly not mature by any stretch of the imagination.

  27. avatar Yo

    I agree with Dan on some level. Graphics don’t make the game. The ability to have graphics, great sound, great AI, great online play, great media features, and great depth are what make a great game. All things that the Wii are lacking.

  28. The Wii isn’t a bad system. It was, a year ago, but now it actually has games.

    When will people realize that the only thing that really makes a system “good” or “bad” is the games?

  29. avatar Blah Blah

    I’d like to note that the author completely fails to think of the NES when noting Nintendo history or gaming history. Is it perhaps because his argument could be used against the NES with only minor changes to the content?

    The article is full of fallacy and completely disregards fact. It goes so far as to condemn everything Nintendo has done with the Wii. All sections of the article are grasping at straws. Every section, from the history of Nintendo to the suggestions he makes, makes hollow arguments and shows a general ignorance of gaming history.

    Especially so in “Simplicity”, “Design”, and “Casual Market”.

  30. avatar Tommy

    Chris,your totally right.Yo, what the hell are you smoking? Notice that the wii has voice chat now.I can’t wait for the conduit! Will see then how your “graphics over gameplay” theory works out.

  31. Tommy, no matter what game comes out for the Wii, it won’t match the graphical power of the 360 or the PS3, which is obvious. I just have to remind you though, in case you forget. The Wii is visually appealing in it’s own way.

  32. We can take in sales sure, but that does not mean the console is any better. I found I had much greater gaming moments with the Xbox 360, but I guess that should be thrown out the window because sales are not as high? I did not include the NES because it did not have to be included, it was a brief overlook at a few past consoles. This article is written from a gamer’s perspective, not someone who has just picked up a controller for a console for the first time.

  33. avatar Mat

    “The ability to have graphics, great sound, great AI, great online play, great media features, and great depth are what make a great game.”

    Only if you’re an elitest. A game has to be stripped to it’s bare bones, and if that gameplay is still flawed, no amount of crap you try to sweep it under, flawed gameplay is still flawed gameplay. I still prefer to play a lot of retro titles that are really basic over a lot of the generic stacked-to-the-roof-with-options FPS I find on 360s.

    Something simple and basic is still a hell of a lot of fun if done right. And that’s Nintendo’s philosophy this time around. And it’s working for them.

    I thought the article was rather dumb, and got some of it’s facts wrong. It’s obvious flame bait, and it’s a shame it has gotten attention.

  34. avatar Nick

    Dammit Matt you are missing the point. Yes a game has to have gameplay also but with the 360/PS3 you get all those great things plus gameplay. With the Wii you only get great gameplay on a few 1st party games but for the most part you don’t get any of those above items.

  35. avatar Bob*

    I cannot believe this! 3 years and there’s still this kind of troilling articles?!

    I can’t believe that you are so arrogant to tell Nintendo, a company THAT KNOW WHAT IS DOING INSTEAD OF YOU, to do! Why the hell should Nintendo do all of your “suggestions”, which mimics the PS3 and the Xbox, two consoles that ARE THE LOSERS.

    I am sorry that you can’t find good games on the wii..because there are a lot of them. Is not Nintendo’s problem but yours.

  36. avatar Nick

    Bob…did you buy Tickle Me Elmo…I hope you didn’t. Many people did but it was dumb. The Wii is Tickle Me Elmo.

  37. This wasn’t written as a trolling article – just because you all get defensive with something that isn’t entirely positive is written, isn’t our problem.

  38. avatar Xbot

    The wii, the shovelware console.

  39. avatar Blah Blah

    Excuse me, Nicholas S, but anecdotal evidence is not evidence. You are entitled to an opinion, but that is not proof of anything. Everybody has an opinion. What makes your opinion more valuable than anyone else’s? As you said, you are not an engineer. Are you a business man? What are your experiences? Do they give value to your opinion on this situation? If not, what gives your opinions strength? Opinions alone are worthless.

    Sales are concrete. They are valuable. The Wii has convinced more people to play it than the competition. That itself is a meter of quality. If you will not use that meter, for whatever reason, as a journalist you should go out there and do some real journalism, some real research. You should put aside your opinions and personal biases and go gather the opinions of the industry movers (i.e. the consumers). You should dig deep into gaming history and make use of it as a real analysis of what is happening now. I think, for instance, Nintendo’s first, most successful console would be pretty important to note when talking about the booming success of their new console.

    Also, if you aren’t using sales, don’t use sales: “Games including Mario, all the Wii-Fit/Sports and other unique titles like Brain Training are keeping the sales up, but eventually, Nintendo is going to have saturated the market and their sales will eventually fall – after all, casual gamers don’t rush out for the newest games each month like hardcore gamers do. If the company was able to target both markets, I think these views of mine would be entirely different.[...] If they are able to do this, not only will the company benefit from sales from the casual market, but also from the hardcore market as well, which is where continual sales are to be made.” Especially don’t use them in such a way that is not factual. Hardcore gamers bring the continual sales? I guess that’s why the “hardcore” games drop off the charts after the beginning burst of sales but the “casual” games continue to sell months and years after release.

  40. avatar sothe

    To be honest, who cares?
    Games were made for fun and skill and stuff. All the the consoles have something that suits the individual, so lets not spoil this great moment in gaming ok?

    Games are not real so just take it easy and have fun!

  41. avatar Tommy

    Does “tickle me elmo”shoots the head off zombies or slices them to pieces with a sword?Come on Nick,think of a better metaphor before opening your garbage chute.

  42. avatar Koszegi

    I dunno, I kinda think that really the sales don’t matter, I mean, alot of them could possibly be hype. However I don’t think that Wii is a bad console either, it just doesn’t have very many games that I’M interested in, that doesn’t mean the games are bad, they just aren’t my style. I still play my Wii I think it’s wonderful for party games, something that I don’t feel very many other consoles have accomplished with as many games. (By party games I mean 4 player splitscreen). On the other hand I also play my Xbox quite a bit, and although I like more of Xbox’s games I wouldn’t go so far as to say that it is better or worse than the Wii. I actually enjoy such titles as Cooking Mama and Mario Party as well as Splinter Cell, Castle Crashers, and Fallout 3.

    P.s. The Wii has the amazing capabilities of bringing back games from ones childhood which I find amazing! Couldn’t live without Mario Bros. or Donkey Kong Country

  43. Don’t get bent out of shape, guys. This article doesn’t represent the opinions of the majority at Gamer Limit, mostly just one contributor.

  44. avatar sothe

    Exactly. Maybe some of you all need to ask why your getting worked up in the first place?. Everyone has a right to their opinion so just chill.


  45. Hold up for a second there Carter. Have you gone ahead and asked ALL of the writers here whether they agree/disagree with the opinions expressed in this article?

  46. Then I suppose everyone will have to weigh in on the forums :D

  47. avatar Elaine

    the wii doesn’t need to depend on hardcore gamers for sales, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have games for us. just because wii games don’t have HD graphics don’t mean they suck.

  48. avatar le bung

    Considering the author butchered (re: lack there of) important facts he used to support his opinion is alone enough to get upset.

  49. avatar Tom

    Yes it’s true, the Wii has horrible graphics. There is no debating this, no trying to hide behind lofty goals and “games for everyone” speaches. Nintendo has been beaten badly for the last two generations and rather then take a gamble on more hi-tech hardware and risk loosing millions again they make a a Gamecube 1.5 and slapped on a gimmick to sell to the dimwitted soccer moms, the elderly and children. Thing is it worked, but unfortunetly for long time gamers it left us out in the cold. The only sad thing is watching all the Nintendo fans hide behind sales numbers all while trying to convince themselves that the Wii is still a real Nintendo system like the ones before it.

  50. avatar David

    I agree with the comments made by the writer. I think fanboys over-exaggerate how ‘great’ this console is … and this article brings that down a little. Well done there.

  51. avatar Koszegi

    I don’t know… I think that if you enjoy playing the system, or any game on the system, no matter how many sales they have or how the ratings are then the system is good. I mean, look at the some of the older systems like Sega ones and the Neo Geo, I had never even heard of them until I popped open the online Wii store, and they were really entertaining games so who really cares how well they sell as long as they are enjoyed?

  52. avatar Mustafa

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