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Welcome to Gamer Limit, your source for all the latest news, reviews, guides, and editorials. We are pleased to announce our second contest-giveaway! The prize is the classic action shooter: Heavy Weapon. Created by Popcap games for the PC, Heavy Weapon has been ported to the XBLA, and given upgraded features such as multiplayer, and improved graphics. Read on to find out how to enter, and for last week’s winner.

Last week’s winner of the Geon Slogan contest is: SolidHawk16 with “Gamer Limit, a gamer’s unlimited source for gaming news!”

Want to win Heavy Weapon for free? All you have to do is create a user name, and post a comment here stating “what the hardest boss battle ever” is. You should go into a little detail on why, but it’s not required. We here at Gamer Limit will choose the battle we agree with the most.


The winner will be chosen in a week’s time, and only registered users will be considered, (your name has to be in red in the comments section) otherwise we cannot contact you.
Thanks for participating, from Gamer Limit, and enjoy yourself!

My Pick: Alma form 1 – Very Hard+ difficulty in Ninja Gaiden


She did tons of damage, avoided your attacks with ease, and cheated to boot. Yes, she was pretty difficult on normal and hard difficulties, but anyone who could beat her on Very Hard or Master Ninja mode deserves much earned praise. I personally found her near impossible on Master Ninja.

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Terms and Conditions:

1)Open to US. Residents only (sorry our key is only available on the US PSN store).
2) Staff members or affiliates of Gamer Limit are not allowed to enter.
3) One entry per household
4) Entries posted will be under the ownership of Gamer Limit
5) The winner will be selected by the Gamer Limit Staff
6) Your first submission will be considered final
7) To avoid repeat submissions, the first person to claim a boss battle will be considered the final entry for that particular boss.

  1. avatar Jacob Smith

    Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 was, by far, the hardest boss I’ve ever faced. Ninja Gaiden was a cake walk compared to him.

  2. Penance from FFX or one of the dark aeons.
    rediculous ammount of hours it took to beat him.

  3. avatar jesus monkey

    best was possessed nintendo in AVGN video

  4. avatar JDizzl

    Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII and The First Kingdom Hearts.

  5. avatar Shoryuken

    Sinistar from the game….Sinistar..that mofo was a beast

  6. avatar Tobi

    Riku/Ansem 1st battle on hardest difficulty from Kingdom Hearts 1, honestly that took me about a month to do.

  7. Quite simple. The hardest boss to ever be implemented in a video game is M’uru/Entropius in World of Warcraft (before he was nerfed (weakened) in patch 3.0).

    I’ll try to keep this explanation as simple as possible. First of all, the fight wasn’t about attack the boss at all – enormous waves of adds would constantly be running at the raid group of 25 (yes, 25 players) and would require absolute perfection from every single player. The adds hit extremely hard, were difficult to manage, and spawned in with extreme frequency. More importantly, if any one player out of that 25 died at any point in the fight, the rest would quickly follow as the team would fall behind in damage or healing.

    If all 25 members managed to play absolutely perfectly that whole time (which was 4-6 minutes, depending on a few factors) then they would be rewarded… with the 2nd phase of the fight. Entropius would spawn from M’uru’s remains, and suffice to say would deal utterly enormous amounts of raid-wide damage. While he had a relatively small health pool, he could rip through a raid group and kill all 25 within seconds if the healers weren’t careful enough.

    It took my guild 221 attempts to kill him, trying for 4 nights a week for about a month and a half. He often earned the nickname “The Guildbreaker” because of his extreme difficulty. Any WoW player that ever got to him would certainly agree.

  8. avatar ATm32

    The End – MGS3

  9. avatar joe mama

    final boss from NAM 75 on the NEO GEO. IMPOSSIBLE.

  10. avatar Cyatic

    Mike Tyson, from NES Mike Tyson’s Punchout. How many bosses can destroy you in one blow?

  11. spiritual larsa from Mushihimesama Futari Black Lable. just look at the screen. self explanatory. ;D

  12. avatar memememe

    Well the author picked the right one, Alma in NG, VH+ difficulty. She is nasty, way harder than anything I faced in DMC3.

  13. avatar

    Seth 4rm street fighter 4 on hardest …. i cant even beat him on medium

  14. @unrealxhavok
    Seth aint that hard, i can beat him on Hard, not Hardest though, not yet anyway. Soon. :D

  15. avatar dudemanguy

    I recommend using Zangief. I beat the game on Hardest with him and I’m pretty bad at SFIV. Zangief is just such a beast once you learn his moves.

  16. Well for me, Defeat Dante in DMC4 in the hardest difficults, he goes a little bit crazy

  17. Metroid Prime. The last version of Dark Samus was painstakingly hard…
    Oh yeah… and waddle dee was hard, too.

  18. avatar Uyuyuy72

    ultima in final fantasy 7.

  19. avatar Silva

    psycho mantis.

  20. avatar Jpsych17

    Cant believe no one has said this yet. Final boss on original baten kaitos for gamecube. Battle took about 30 minutes per. I hit him and beat him and if he hit me once more i would have died.

  21. avatar Name

    Xabrophazon, while I understand where you’re coming from, (and know people who have been guild broken by Mu’ru) Pandemonium from FFXI took over 24 hours to beat (straight), and gamers have vomited from sheer exhaustion. Most people haven’t even seen him.

  22. Mushihimesama Futari Black Label GOD MODE Stage 5

    words cannot describe how hard this is.

  23. avatar filip

    psycho mantis from MGS1, until you change your controller port :P

  24. avatar jon

    riku when hes ansum in the first kingdom hearts. u could always do the first half of the battle but then he went apeshit the second half

  25. avatar Josh

    The hardest boss(‘s) Iv ever fought was The hidden Weapons from Final Fantasy 7. Ruby and emerald weapon took me so long to defeat and countless hours of lvling materia to mastered. lol the second I defeated them i Swear my neighbors heard me cheering.

  26. This is more of a specific challenge type than anything, but facing Kel’Thuzad in Naxxramas with an all melee group in WoW was easily one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. Quite fun too.

  27. avatar Tak

    Contra III: The Alien Wars for the SNES. The final Brain Boss on the HARD difficulty is insane. You hit a roulette of spinning balls which decide how the boss is going to attack you. If you ever got the “snake” ball, you had no chance. And remember, unlike many other games listed here, it’s Contra – one hit and you’re dead…

  28. avatar Walrus

    Why do they even consider RAAM? oh< and i’d saycard battler john

  29. avatar PCDOS

    the final boss in doom on nightmare

  30. avatar Adam

    I’m gonna have to go with Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon from Final Fantasy VII.

  31. Final bowser Mario 64 when i was a kid it took me a week to beat him LOL don’t laugh!

  32. the boss from metal gear solid 3

  33. avatar nightelfmohawk

    Mu’ru pre-nerf was indeed a beast, but he was still nothing compared to pre-nerf C’thun.

  34. avatar xino

    Alma was trash!
    But Alma second form is harder!

    I don’t know the hardest boss, the hardest boss will probably be a boss no one can defeat, unless someone who is a super pro can beat that boss.

    The hardest boss will go to all the hardest games ever made:

    Contra 3
    Ghosts n Ghouls
    F Zero
    Sky Blazer
    Megaman and Forte (some will disagree)

    Megaman X4 (final boss Sigma) sorry but I couldn’t last longer in his 3/4th form O_o

    Ninja Gaiden is a hard game franchise, but if you sit down and master the game, it shouldn’t be that hard to play through.

  35. avatar ToeJam

    Freya in the endgame of Star Ocean: Till the Ends of Time was a incredibly difficult. The fight would last over an hour and was basically playing one frame at a time then going into menu and raising up the members that died the last frame rinse and repeats. You needed all characters level 255 with the best gear and mass amounts of cure all potions and raise all items.

  36. If anyone is interested in the genre of the insane video with tons of bullets on the screen

  37. avatar mario

    every play ikaruga anyone?

  38. avatar Ry-Guy

    I’d have to go with Deus from Xenogears. The guy had four subbosses you needed to take out before even considering taking on Deus.

  39. The hardest boss battle ever has got to be Pandemonium Warden from FFXI. This boss made world news in August last year as the guild Beyond the Limitation was involved in an 18 hour marathon boss battle and had to call it quits. The boss evolved 20 times during the fight and still was not beaten with players passing out and throwing up from exhaustion. Square Enix is famous for its epic FFXI boss encounters (eg Absolue Virtue) but this one goes one step too far especially when you consider the login message which greats you every time that you you load up the game. It reads:

    “A Word To Our Players:

    Exploring Vana’diel is a thrilling experience. During your time here, you will be able to talk, join, and adventure with many other individuals in an experience that is unique to online games.

    That being said, we have no desire to see your real life suffer as a consequence,

    Don’t forget your family, your friends, your school or your work. ”

    Irony anyone?

  40. avatar Billy G

    The hardest boos i found was Ganandorf From Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As soon as you finish his human form you have to take princess zelda outside AND THEN AGAIN face in monster form. I hated it soo bad, and it was so hard.

  41. Lavos from Crono Trigger on the SNES.

    If you just walked through the game and did the minimal amount to get to the end he was impossible. To have a good chance against him you needed to take the time to level all of your chraters up and make sure they had the best abilities. You also needed to make sure you had the right characters in your party or you would be at a horrible disadvantage.

  42. So to repost…

    Nightmare Form 3 in DMC1 on Dante Must Die mode. Not only is he invulnerable most of the time, have several attacks which take off more than half your health, but Trish keeps shooting lightning at you from outside

  43. Reminder to everyone above:
    Feel free to register and repost, so we can contact you if you win the game :D

  44. avatar Rampant

    I think I have to agree with whoever said that FFIV almost has to be removed from contention simply because Knights of the Round and 4x pretty much took all challenge out of any boss battle — assuming you had leveled up or found the necessary things — although I can easily see how those fights would be up for it otherwise.

    And while I agree with some of the people that Ninja Gaiden is most likely the most difficult franchise: I’ve always found their enemies to be comparatively simple to the rest of the game.

    I suppose the obvious choices for most difficult bosses would have to go to any number of Mega Man bosses, but any boss will be difficult when you die from one hit. Therefore I have a hard time determining difficulty of those baddies because a large portion of the difficulty comes from the design of the game.

    Therefore when I think of the hardest boss and boss alone…I would have to say that title belongs to: Dr. Robotnic in Sonic 2. I make this argument because 1st, it comes so shortly after the battle with robotic sonic, which even if carefully planned is a difficult battle needing very precise timing not to lose all your rings, and then once you get to Dr. Robotnic you still have to go through the entire fight with him. Also taking into consideration that this battle came in an age when games didn’t explain how to defeat their bosses, so an enemies weakness had to be figured out on your own. And if you couldn’t figure out his weakness on the first try, the level design only gave you a couple rings to try and hold onto through both battles. Sure the rest of the game was fairly simple as far as side strollers go, but as for boss battles, this one was classic.

  45. avatar Name (Required)

    Whoops…I meant FFVII not IV, sorry.

  46. avatar matt

    final boss battle in god of war 1 on god mode. never could get passed the protecting of your family.

  47. I actually thought about this question for a while and I finally came up with someone I deemed The Most difficult.

    Faust from Legend of Dragoon.

    Now, in a world of difficult games and difficult bosses I doubt any have ever matched up to this one. First of all, just getting to him is time and requires to find 50 items called Stardust throughout the game. The final stardust traded to a woman, gives you something called the phantom shield.

    After that, you then have to go through this maze of portals that takes extreme patience.

    However, getting there is the easy part. I grinded my little heart out and got to a decent level where I could probably pick off the final boss with minimal difficulty….

    But Faust was different. Not only were magical attacks(your most powerful) useless, but he had attacks to leave you with 10% of your health in one hit. Heaven forbid he uses it twice in a row in his four turns he has before you. His attack pattern in pretty random and he gets multiple, unexpected turns.

    My worst experience is finally confronting him and just dying as soon as we enter battle sequence and his turn was first.

    I have yet, to this day, met more than 3 people to ever mention they beat him.

    I am pretty sure something more popular will win this, but I am rooting for you Faust, you cheeky boss you.

  48. avatar Leg3nd

    Virgil from DMC3 by far the hardest situation whether it be a game or beating the 100m Olympic World Record, is number one.

  49. avatar fuznut88

    c’thun from world of warcraft back in the days.

  50. avatar birddog7

    ramirez from skies of arcadia. could hit you with 9999 hit points with one blow. he was a beast

  51. avatar Name (Required)

    raven king from heavenly swoord

  52. avatar kennedy

    ruby weapon in final fantasy is defo the hardest !

  53. avatar Nahsik

    Hmmm? COD2,3, & 4 weren’t bad. GRAW 1 & 2 were ok. Just being able to score a goal in any of the FIFA games on Pro was tough enough but there’s an achievement for scoring 10 goals in a game on Pro mode which is probably impossible but it’s not considered a boss battle. That bitch at the end of DOA4 was pretty damn tough, even though the rest of the fighters were easy. Now, there’s Ninja Gaiden, Ninja Gaiden Black, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and Ninja Gaiden 2. I’ve beaten them all. The series got easier as the newer ones came out but I promise you, the 1st Ninja Gaiden was no joke. It was definitely a hard game. Basically, it was hard ’cause the mechanics and controls weren’t as up to date as the current games so that in itself made it difficult. I’d have to agree with the editor/writer in that probably Alma and the final boss in the original Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox was probably the most difficult boss battles ever. I felt like I graduated from a top senior academy of a nationally ranked college when I beat that game. I felt like I really achieved something that day. I was stoked for about two weeks after I won. It was crazy. I literally had to buy new controllers for my Xbox ’cause I’d worn those puppys down playin’ that game.

  54. Just another reminder, if you want to win the prize make sure you register so we can find your email address.

  55. avatar man_dude

    im sorry but to me it was forcertain sephroth from kingdom hearts 1 not 2 1 was waaaay much harder it was plain ridonculis it was just too much

  56. avatar mantis

    virgil in dmc3 is a serious contender, but he is not my number 1 hard boss. anyone who can apprecite hard games in all their glory will know that games which are annoyingly hard(ie where the bosses just plain cheat) are the hardest ones to beat. So id have to say either sigma from megaman x, or the last boss from contra@ the alien wars. I base my reason on the fact that in both games you can die from 1 hit. And both bosses have a number of forms you have to beat.

  57. avatar SquallSK

    Definitelly Bohan from Heavenly Sword (PS3) .. or Sephiroth ? :-P

  58. avatar Deloosion

    With the exception of Faust, every RPG boss mentioned here can be easily beaten with enough level grinding and high magic/weapons/etc. Still RPG’s don’t require half the skill necessary as games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden do.

  59. That Shark man in Viewtiful Joe “Gran Bruce (Aquatic Terror)” was seriously hard.

    Best game for bosses is…………. Contra 3 or if you were in the UK “Super probotector: Alien rebels” god thats a good name!

  60. Spiritual Larsa- Mushihimesama Futari Black Label on GOD MODE

    Look it up. Not only do you have to remember complex bullet patterns and avoid all the purple bullets that consumes the entire screne, but this bad boy has a second form!!! Anybody who beats her should be called a god.

  61. I consider Wily’s boss fight from MM7 to be the hardest I’ve had to do, I even had the cheat on for max energy tanks and all that good stuff but if you don’t know how to manevur through his array of elemental projectile attacks depending on what hits you it will freeze you and you’ll pop out just in time to get another round thrown at you, also I think the RPGS shouldn’t and “god modes”/”harder difficulty” shouldn’t be included it should just be a game that is hard by itself like MM7 doesn’t allow you to change difficulties. Meh that’s just me.

  62. avatar xctrex

    FF VIII’s Ultima Weaon if you were stupid enough to get rid of Diablo’s ability to find hidden draw points and save points. When I first started playing, I was pretty young and not so bright. I had a strategy guide, which told me where all the hidden save and draw points were, so I got rid of Diablo’s ability since I could find them without it.

    As it turns out, the save point next to Ultima can’t be used even if you know where it is if you can’t see it. It took a frikkin long time to get down there, then I wasn’t allowed to save. I went into it with the ATB System set to not wait for me to make a choice before letting the computer take action. Ultima destroyed me in a few seconds with a couple of 9999 hp hits by the time I gave out my first couple of instructions. Then I had to start all the way over out in the world where I had last saved, and decided it wasn’t worth it.

  63. just a repost from earlier…
    I would have mentioned Faust from The Legend of Dragoon but to be honest he seemed so hard to fight I didn’t even bother to collect the stardust, so it wasn’t my place to say he was the hardest. I’m glad someone mentioned him though.

    anyone that has anything from KH or FF7 has never played a hard game, honestly. Though I agree Sephiroth was hard on KH1 he was in no way in hell the HARDEST boss I’ve ever fought, and I killed him lv.69 on hardest. and as for FF7, come on. By far the easiest FF and in no way is Seph hard.
    psycho mantis? lol, really?
    I’m going to have to say that the hardest boss I ever fought was Chaos from Dissidia: Final Fantasy. but not normally, only in dueling when he’s lv.150. Impossible. The highest level you can be in that game is 100.

  64. Great responses guys, keep it up :)

  65. Told my Playfire buds about this so hopefully we can get more uber bosses in here! :P

  66. avatar nate

    sethiroth from kingdom hearts 2 is the hardest by far.

    • avatar John

      Och jag fick en Thomas Di Leva-le5t i hje4rnan, utan ne5gon baktanke gtnmeeot din chef. Bara en le5t om att dansa.;)Du vet att jag f6nskar att jag kunde. Styrka och kroppskontroll – the beauty of nothing special – simplicity – skf6nheten i rf6relsen. Alla dessa fantastiskt enkla nyckelord.

  67. avatar Sasan

    Nothing is/was harder than M’uru pre-nerf. He was nerfed twice, first nerf was 10% and the second (patch 3.0) was 30% health. I am talking about pre-first-nerf. Our guild had so many quitters that were just tired of attempting him that we had to merge with another top hardcore guild on the server to even have a chance. Hardest boss ever implemented in the history of video games.

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