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By: | February 20th, 2009
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  1. avatar Gartexat

    Seriously, Netflix Starz is a crime against hiunamty. John Malone should be put on trial by an international tribunal at the Hague. Agreed. As I scroll through potential movies on Netflix, I disregard Starz movies, and if I should happen to miss the Starz logo on the cover art and I inadvertently select one, I immediately stop the movie and exit once the Starz introduction starts to play. Well encoded standard definition movies are barely acceptable in the age of flat screen televisions and the availability of HD content; Starz movies often the worst possible SD encodes are unacceptable. The one critique I would have of Netflix is they need to do a better job of bringing more high quality HD content to their service. The worst possible outcome of their success and streaming becoming mainstream would be for average SD (or worse yet, Starz encoded movies) encodes to become the norm to become acceptable.

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