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Avatar ImageGears of War 2: Horde Guide
By: | February 21st, 2009
Guide |X360
  1. avatar RiL3z

    excellent horde guide, i used these tips the time i played after and now i rlly understand wat needs to be done to survive waves 7-10, 27-30, etc. GJ dude.

    sometimes the class of privates piss me off tho lols… after a couple rounds they get the sheild/base theory but when things are cooler like rounds 1-6, they are too bored so they go out and slaughter everything…problem is they cant get back to the base in time to set up shields so thats when we go from having 4 sheids to 2. then sires come and maulers behind…THATS WHEN SHIT HAPPENS…lol

  2. avatar Sir Tyson

    Great stuff. I have played Gears/Live for 3 days now and I finally know ins and outs of shields. I won’t be a Jackass tonight! Thanks! (sorry to all those I pissed off over the last three days)

  3. avatar Primus Mack

    Awesome guide, unfortunately it’s extremely diffcult to find a group of competent players. None of my friends are gamers so the only option open to me is public matches. Most of the time my teammates in horde have no mics and if they do they pretend as if they are deaf. For once i’d like to play horde with other guys who have mics and don’t fall into the “jackass” category. If you’re interested in adding me to your team, my gatertag is “Primus Mack”.

  4. avatar BaldSkaddy C

    Nice guide, really good stuff. I found it while I was looking for some competent players to play with. The best I’ve done so far is round 35 on Blood Drive – I’ve only been playing about 3 weeks now. Looking for some competent players, I’d consider myself a high 2 – low 3 by the guide here.

    If you read this and are looking for players, please feel free to add me.
    “BaldSkaddy C” is my gamertag. Pertinent info on me, I’m 33 and have a mic. I’m EST and usually play after 10pm.

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