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The game company Rare slipped to VG247 that they are planning to add a feature that allows them to award clothing just like they do achievements. This adds quite a bit of speculation of what types of clothing they are planning. Imagine if other game companies follow this concept. Assassins Creed: Altairs outfit. Crowbar from Half life games, Dante’s outfit, Halo Armor!…. The list could be endless!

While even if this does catch on I highly doubt it will be applied to older games. Even for those that find Avatars are a fairly useless feature should find it amusing if it turns out well.

From VG247,

Rare has told VG247 that games will soon give players items of clothing and accessories for their 360 Avatars in the same way they hand out Gamer Points.

“In time… games will be able to give away clothes and accessories just like Achievements,” said art head Lee Musgrave.

As to which games specifically will be using Avatars in this way, the developer wouldn’t be drawn.

“We are currently working with multiple partners who have expressed interest in using Avatars,” added producer Stacey Law.

Currently, Avatars are being dressed in launch clothing, although a few free packs have been given out, such as winter hats and gloves and soccer shirts.

Avatars were added to 360 with the release of New Xbox Experience last year.


  1. I could dig Devil May Cry accessories, especially Beowulf gauntlets/boots.

  2. I want my Avatar to wear Racoon Police Department gear.

  3. Haha this thread has been hijacked by Capcom fanatics. Surrender your Western games at the door.

  4. Very cool stuff! I remember this being talked about when the whole avatar program was started.

    Tim: I’d rock the Racoon Police gear too, it would be pretty cool.

  5. I’ve always wanted something something like this to happen with the Wii, but this happening for the 360 sounds pretty awesome.
    I hope Arcade Games can give them out, too.

  6. Nothing beats playing some online games to pass those weary dull hours of the day indeed.

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