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By: | February 8th, 2009 | Nintendo DS
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Have you ever wanted to be a rock star, but couldn’t because you were always on the go? Now you don’t have to worry, because Guitar Hero is mobile! Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades is available for the Nintendo DS and can be played anytime, anywhere.

Guitar Hero On Tour was released back in June of 2008.  It took me exactly one day to go and grab the game, and the new Guitar Grip for the DS wasn’t hard to learn: Guitar Hero is Guitar Hero.  Decades is almost similar to the original “On Tour” except new tracks, dueling in career mode, playing bass in career mode, and in multi-player mode you get to play with both games’ worth of tracks.

Almost everyone knows what Guitar Hero is. In case you’re one of the few, it is basically a guitar simulation. You hit the notes on the guitar highway and strum at the same time. But on the handheld its a little different. This version is not really a guitar simulation, more of just a simple rhythm game but it still has most of the original magic of Guitar Hero.

When you first pick this game up, and are ready to go, you may notice something very Unique about the Guitar Grip: its missing the orange note. However, RedOctane was smart by not putting that 5th not because there would be no way you can move your hand up and down on the grip. The controls are simple. Within your Guitar Grip is the Pick Stylus, and you use this piece to strum the guitar strings on your DS touch screen, at the same time as pressing the note that appears on the guitar highway. To unleash your inner rock star with Star Power, you can yell into the microphone, touch the star meter, or press select.

When you finally have it all figured it out, your grip is tightened to your suiting, your DS is adjusted your comfort, and your Pick is held in your finger and thumb, you’ll start up your game. But in the first few screens where it shows all the development credits, and all the safety precautions, one of those screens tells you to put on headphones to get the best experience out of this game. Don’t ignore this part, the sound quality is horrible without the headphones, because the DS speakers do not have high enough quality to realize the full sound potential of the tracks.

You’ll start the game with your new amateur band that has to work there way to the top. You start in a Modern venue which features tracks that are no older then 3 or 4 years.  After you have completed every song, you can move onto the 2000’s venue, which has song from the 2000’s. After passing that you move on to the 90’s, then the 80’s, then finally the 70’s which is the final venue. Each time you complete and entire career on any of the types of careers (Duel Mode, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar) you unlock a special bonus song.

In Lead Guitar mode, you do just that: play the lead guitar. This is much more complex than playing the bass guitar, and it will appeal to more players. When you play the Bass guitar, the gameplay is pretty much the same note after note. For Bass Guitar mode I suggest playing one level higher than what your capable of to get the most out of you inner rock star.

Duel Mode is probably the most interesting mode. In Duel mode, you will battle your way through all the venues fighting random rockers. The object of Duel Mode is make your the rock meter is highlighted on your side, and if at the end of the game the rock meter is on your side, you win. But its not as easy as that. On the guitar highway, if the notes begin to appear as stars make sure you hit them all, this is key because if you do, you will receive a battle item, and you can use there powers to wreak havoc on you opponent. Cut there guitar string with the scissors, or blow them away with the fire attack where they will have to blow into the microphone to escape your doom.

After you have unlocked all the bonus songs, you should head on to defeating the entire game in every level on every mode so you can unlock new gear for your Rocker. Either way, with Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades prepare to experience the true feeling of unleashing you inner rock star.

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8.0 Presentation
If you're wondering if it's possible to shift and shape all the fun of the Guitar Hero on the consoles into the palm of your hand: It is.
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9.5 Gameplay
This game is a blast to play. Do not doubt it on the DS.
4.5 Sound
It could be better. If you put on headphones the quality is increased.
10.0 Longevity
Everyone knows as long as you don't mind the songs, Guitar Hero never gets boring.
8.0 Overall
Don't miss out on an experience of Guitar Hero like this.

  1. It just looks like $40 carpal tunnel. I like the concept though.

  2. When I played the original, my hand bled. It’s made for “tiny hands”.

  3. avatar al

    i have the game its really good

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