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The one thing that sets Animal Crossing: City Folk apart from its predecessors is the inclusion of the City, that’s why its called City Folk. You can take the Bus to the City anytime you like, but go there at night and certain shops will be closed. You are restricted to their opening hours, which can be a bit of a bother sometimes but its understandable. The city is essentially like a plaza, animals will wander around it, some who live in your village, some who don’t, and a number of shops and buildings. Some of the shops within the city are, Gracie Grace, a large and fancy store where you can buy some unique and very expensive furniture and Gracie’s exclusive clothes, Redd’s shop, where you can buy dodgy but very rare furniture and paintings, Katrina’s, where you can get your fortune told and luck charms placed on you, the theatre, where Dr Shrunk will teach you how to perform a certain emotion and Shampoodle, where you can get your hair styled or coloured or you can change your characters face to that of your Mii.

We Built This City On ROCK AND ROLL!

We Built This City On ROCK AND ROLL!

Possibly the most important aspect of the game would be the online play, you can allow your friends to visit your town using friend codes, and you can have up to 3 friends in your town at once. One advantage of this is that its a quick way to earn money, fruit that isn’t native to your town sells for five times the amount in Tom Nooks, or you can plant it to make fruit trees to keep the cash flowing in. One disappointing aspect of the game is that you cant visit the city with your friends, i dont know why, it just wasn’t included.

Animal Crossing: City Folk is the first Wii game that makes use of Wii speak, a new microphone option for the Wii that enables voice communication over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, its a nice addition being abkle to chat to your friends while they’re in your town, but it in no way makes up for the lack of a headset. The game supports Nintendo DS connectivity functionality. Instead of creating a new character, players can import characters from the DS version of Animal Crossing, however only your characters name and shopping catalogue are imported, money and items are left behind.

*Gone Fishing*

*Gone Fishing*

Animal Crossing is great, the first one was great and so was the second, but when you reach the third and there’s not enough new content to entice you it’s really not worth it. I sense Animal Crossing: city Folk, wasn’t a new game for Animal Crossing fans, it was a new game for gamers who had missed out on the first two. Having to go through it all again seems tedious when you’ve done it twice. I’d recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have an Animal Crossing game, if you have one already, stick with it.

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7.5 Presentation
Cute And Friendly, But Nothing We Haven't Seen Before.
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8.0 Gameplay
Great Controls And User Friendliness, Easy To Pick Up And Play.
9.0 Sound
The Animal Voices Will Keep You Giggling While The Soft Tunes Keep You Bopping.
8.0 Longevity
The Game Lasts A Long Time, But Once You've Done It All, There's Not Much Left.
7.8 Overall
It Could Of Been Better, Really Its Just More Of The Same, But Don't Fix Whats Not Broken.

  1. avatar Vin1

    Score’s a touch high imo, since it’s almost a carbon copy of the previous game.

  2. Interesting. I pegged this game as a toned down child version of a sandbox – sans violence and all that. The game does sound interesting to those who haven’t played it before (e.g. I) but having a game that is so set on real-time, it makes it difficult to truly find time to experience all it has to offer given other commitments. I feel like Nintendo dropped the ball with this one.

  3. @Vin1
    True, but the other games arent bad, they’re pretty good, its a City Folk is a great game, but anyone who’s played the previous games wont enjoy is AS MUCH as new players.

  4. avatar Dorainnox

    No! ACCF is a beautiful game, and all the world want a classic Ac, why change it?

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