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By: | February 5th, 2009 | Wii
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okamiheader3To begin with, I never got around to playing Okami when it originally released for the PlayStation 2 in 2006.  When I heard the game had come out for the Wii with updated controls and enhanced graphics, I decided to check it out.  For this reason I won’t be drawing any comparisons to the PS2′s analog stick-based controls and the Wii’s motion controls.  There are also many comparisons that have been made between modern Zelda games and Okami, but I’ve decided to review the game on its own merits as opposed to drawing too many comparisons.

In the argument of video games as art, Okami stands out as one of the strongest examples of truly artistic graphics in gaming.  Pulling inspiration from Japanese ink paintings, Okami’s vibrant visuals flood the screen immediately upon beginning the game.  Bold, black lines frame every color splashed object in the game, from each lotus petal to tongue of flame.  The protagonist, celestial wolf Amaterasu, sprints through green fields as a wake of flowers and fresh grass trail behind her.

The beautiful presentation of the game will have you glued to the opening storyline like you’re a toddler again, having a storybook read to you.  The story concerns an ancient 8-headed dragon being slain by a legendary warrior with the help of wolf god Amaterasu.  It is this wolf and its miniature bug-like companion that then embark on a quest filled with flora, fauna, foes, and favors.


The game carries a beautiful ancient Japanese aesthetic

Okami is very much an adventure game, having you switch steadily between mingling with townsfolk and exploring the open world.  The towns play host to dozens of memorable characters, including a bumbling descendent of a legendary hero, a busty priestess, and shape shifting warriors.  The game’s NPCs interact through the mute Amaterasu’s outspoken miniature companion Issun, providing the quirky humor that sharply contrasts the game’s classic Japanese folk tale feel.  Some of the jokes feel out of place (lots of boob jokes), but it will grow on you in a charming way.

The game’s signature mechanic is the “Celestial Brush,” which allows you to use the Wiimote like a virtual paint brush.  Acquiring new brush techniques throughout the game will allow you to alter combat and the game world by drawing a quick line for a slash attack, a cherry bomb to plant a deadly bomb, or a loop for a gust of wind.  Interacting with such a beautiful world so directly is akin to using a light-gun for the first time; it is remarkably immersive, but takes actual skill to pull off.  You’ll need to practice steadying your hand to draw straight lines and consistent circles, or the game will punish you in the form of Issun berating your skills or the demons beating you down.  However, despite all your newfound skill the brush mechanic is not perfect.  You will find yourself drawing a circle around a dead tree five times in an attempt to rejuvenate it, seemingly succeeding at random.  Pulling on the Wiimote strap may be a good idea here, because you may be tempted to launch it towards your uncooperative television.


Your celestial brush has an ink reserve which needs to replenish over time.

When you’re not struggling to draw shapes with an imprecise Wiimote, you’ll find yourself crawling dungeons and fighting demons.  Most of the game’s enemies can be seen wandering around the world and unless they chase after you, you are free to pick and choose your battles.  Combating common foes consists of a circular border fencing you in as the monsters materialize.  Fighting is accomplished by waggling the Wiimote to string together attack combos and shooting projectiles out of Amaterasu’s barking mouth.  Many of the enemies have weaknesses to particular brush techniques, creating an element of strategy to the otherwise repetitive battles.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself avoiding most enemies and only fighting the scripted attacks.  There are some memorable and innovative boss battles throughout the game, but later in the game you will experience some Capcom induced boss amnesia (wink), which for some can be more annoying than anything.

Combat takes place within closed-in circles

You can do battle with disks, beads, or swords.

One of my favorite aspects of the game has to be the early quests that involve entering a “cursed zone,” and purging the land of darkness.  Searching around the world for the saplings of “guardian trees” and then encouraging them to flourish with the celestial brush is incredibly satisfying.  Watching your work cause torrents of flowers and fresh grass flood the decrepit land offers a nice sense of accomplishment, not to mention it’s pretty.


Pink trees please Amaterasu, for she is a girl wolf

If you see the game to completion, with a few side quests thrown in, you are looking at a thirty-five plus hour game.  This is a remarkably long playtime considering the game fools you into thinking it is complete at least twice, but it somehow keeps on finding more for you to do.  Much like the final installation of the Lord of the Rings movies, despite the quality, you’ll simply want things to wrap up at a certain point.  I found myself yearning to simply see the end credits about 3/4 into the game.  The game sticks to a pretty steady pattern despite these faux-endings, so don’t expect too many gameplay deviations towards the end to spice things up.

Okami is a great game that you will not regret playing.  I would recommend a purchase because this game takes awhile to complete, and you get some fun goodies for clearing the game (alternate costumes, music, videos, etc), if you’re into that sort of thing.  Additionally, this is a good game to have in your library so that you can share the experience of the beautiful graphics and interesting story with those you know that never got around to it.  If you are looking for a memorable adventure game with quirky Japanese humor and stunning visuals, Okami is for you.

Reviewer’s note: The Wii version was tested for this review

Rating Category
10.0 Presentation
The vivacious visuals of Okami will have leaving you looking like you opened the Arc of the Covenant. This game is a living Japanese ink painting.
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8.0 Gameplay
The wiimote paintbrush functions can be frustratingly imprecise at times, but it is not game-breaking. The melee combat is solid, but leaves something to be desired.
8.0 Sound
There is no voiceover work in Okami, but instead of silence the characters' voices consist of garbled mumbles that reminds me of Banjo Kazooie. The music is quality, but most of it is forgettable save for a couple triumphant tracks.
6.0 Longevity
Besides a few unlockable clear game goodies (bonus costumes, music, and video), there isn't much here worth playing through the game again right away. Only the most hardcore fans will find the extra content completely worthwhile.
8.0 Overall
Overall Summary: Okami's gorgeous graphics and unique look is enough to draw anyone in, but only true adventurers need apply.

  1. Brilliant review. I was only able to play it for an hour, but I will be picking this up asap.

  2. Yep great review, yet another game i want to get

  3. Okami is such a beautiful game.

  4. avatar ryan smith

    great review, you really brought the game to life in your writing.

  5. avatar Name (Required)

    Nice review.

    I’ve actually re-played Okami several times, just to show-off the landscape-transformation scenes to non-gamers.

    • avatar Asre

      Eu tinha lido por aed que ela voltaria anpeas 1 Rearguard, e tinha achado um absurdo Bom, todos os Rear Guard je1 ne3o e9 te3o ruim. A ide9ia de reorganizar o campo dependendo de como o jogo estiver e9 uma boa. Ale9m disso, e9 possedvel que saia mais efeitos engatilhados no Call (atualmente temos o que? Dark Cat, Rack Bird ?). E ale9m dissob2, vocea vai ter a oportunidade de baixar menos Rearguards, deixando 4 cartas na me3o.

    • avatar Chris

      My quote on Okami a few days after release: “It’s like sodmboey read my mind as to what would make the perfect videogame, and then made it.”It was quite possibly my favorite game ever at the time, but hindsight being 20/20, it’s still really good, but not a total Zelda substitute. It’s pretty, controls better, and has a more clever script than any Zelda game- all major wins. Though going back to replay it, there are some glaring issue.Notably, there are too many useless items to collect, 100 beads? After beating the game proper I cheated and went online to look up what you get for finding ‘em all, and it’s just a game-breaking uber power for a new game+ And healing items are a joke, as you never need them. Mostly though, the collectibles just aren’t that interesting to find. Furthermore, the game is far more handholding than I remembered. Very few complex puzzles. So kind of a missed opportunity there.And finally, the script is too talky. The core story and characters are good, but they could have accomplished just as much with less chatter.Phew. These are all fairly minute issues, but just things I noticed going back to it and why it’s no longer my fave game ever- even though it’d probably somewhere in my top 10.

  6. I still haven’t played Okami. I’m ashamed :(

  7. avatar Frayne

    The Ps2 version is better. Trust me. :/

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  9. avatar Ayame

    The PS2 version is waaay better. You can get much more precise drawings with the controller then you can with the Wiimote. Hard to believe, but it’s true. I’ve had the game since it came out for PS2, I’m a huuuge fan. Still waiting for an Okami 2, but sadly, it looks like it’ll never happen.

    I’d give this game at least a nine!

  10. avatar ilikewolves

    there is actullay an okami 2 coming out on the ds, called okamiden. it will be out (hopefully) spring 2011

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