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By: | February 11th, 2009
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Blu-Ray is one of the Playstation 3′s strongest selling points, a Blu-Ray player alone is around 3/4 of the price of a PS3. But with the PS3, you get a games console and more thrown in. With the prices of stand alone Blu-Ray players slowly declining ,and Sony refusing to make a price drop, it was only a matter of time before they did something to fix it.

Sony has come up with a smashing idea: what if you put a Blu-Ray movie, and a game, on a single disk? Bear with me. You go out to buy the new Iron Man 2 game, but not only do you get the game, you get the movie as well. Seems like a good idea doesn’t it? If you’re buying the game surely you’d like the movie with it? Right?

In an interview with Video Business, John Koller, director of hardware marketing for the PS3, revealed that Sony’s next big strategy for the system will be Blu-ray/Videogame combo discs.

“We are actively pushing, and the way that we see the future is that the movie and the game are placed on the same disc,” said Koller. “There are a lot of developers who say, we have this game based on a movie, wouldn’t it be great to marry these concepts?”

It Would Be A 2 In One!

It Would Be A 2 In One!

The average PS3 game requires about 30 or 40 GBs of disc space, while the typical Blu-Ray movie can range anywhere from 12 to 40 GBs. The idea of it is easily possible, but this begs the question, how much is this going to cost?

Are we, the gamers of the world willing to pay extra for a movie that we may not even want? If you own a PS3 would you pay the extra fee? Share your thoughts and comments.

  1. I disagree, paying extra for a movie that i may not even watch? When i go to buy a game, thats exactly what i want. THE GAME. I dont want to pay extra for something i dont want.

  2. If the Blu-ray had both the game and movie versions of Spider-man 3 on it I would probably pay a total of 1 dollar for it.

    All in all, it’s a pretty bad idea unless the movies were used simply as incentive to buy the game. No one wants to pay more for something like that.

    Besides, what possibilities are there?

    Wall-E game with movie? I’d rather just buy the movie.

    Same goes for anything else like it, a la Kung-Fu Panda, Hellboy, The Mummy. It just doesn’t work.

  3. @Rick

    It would work if the movie was good, and it wasn’t much more for it. People would say “$30 for the movie”, or “$60 for both”. Provided that some of these movie titles are budget to begin with, and the cost of games may decrease to $50, it could work.

    You’re right though, most movie games are terrible.

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