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F.E.A.R. 2 : Project Origin is the sequel to the highly acclaimed PC title (and the distinguishably less acclaimed console ports) F.E.A.R. Project Origin is supposed to be a refinement of the original, and bring gamers more excellent gunplay and more eerie scares.

The First Hour is meant to be a comparison guide to your own experiences with the game. Feel free to comment or let us know how your time with the game compares with ours.

All things said, lets see how the first hour goes:


Game goes in. Lets do this.


I’m looking at the loading screen. The summary of the plot thus far is there in text. What plot thus far? Did something happen between now and when I pressed Start New Game?


The Opening cinematic looks like the Gladiator inro but everything’s grey. Blood is filling the screen. I’m scared.


A little girl appears and then disappears as the game gives me control. Let’s rock.

Everything is on fire. Some men just want thee world to burn.

I think I have to follow the little girl.


I’ve been staring at a lava pit for 30 seconds before realizing I have to jump into it.

Apparently there’s a transport vehicle at the bottom of the lava pit, and not… you know… death.

Some guy startles me. I hope he dies.

Hot chick. Hope she doesn’t die.


They’re calling me bucket. And it ain’t just the ladies callin’ me that either. Whatever that means.


Exiting transport vehicle. Let’s Rock and Roll.


I think this is supposed to be a battle hardened, well-disciplined mercenary unit. But my partner keeps calling me dude. Dude…


Funky tunes in the coffee shop. I want to stay here. Where it’s happy.


Dead guy on a desk. Definately looks dead. Yup. he’s dead.

The blood in the game looks like real blood. Take that however you want to.


I’m having some crazy head movies. Up comes an elevator ninja, and Keegan goes down. KEEGAN!


Going up Elevator Ninja’s elevator with the hot chick.. I attempt to ask her how she got into this career and why she couldn’t go into teaching.  She doesn’t answer.


Shooting dudes for the first time. The guns feel just as good as the original FEAR if not better. Reload animations are cool as hell and sound great too.

There’s health on a table. I gotta find the person who put the health here and give it back. Maybe they’re offering a reward for their lost health. Maybe the reward is some health!


Me and the hot girl split up. For no reason. I guess she’s just not that into me.

Dead Janitor. Talk about workplace hazards.


There’s a helicopter shooting at me. I didn’t do it I swear! It was the one armed man! He did it!


Firefight in a room full of expensive art. I can’t think of a better place for a firefight. Maybe a glass store…


I shot a dude and he fell off a building screaming. Not the wilhelm scream. If I were reviewing the game, it wouldn’t receive anything higher than a 7 for that fact alone. You NEVER miss an opportunity to use the Wilhelm screen. EVER.


Crazy head movies started up again when I jumped into a pool. I think I just saw Cthulu.


Inside of someone’s house. It’s a nice house. What’s  it doing inside corporation’s building? Mysteries continue to pile on… Detective Ricky is on the case.


A ninja kicked a door open, and growled. I then proceeded to shoot him in the head, and he died. So ends  the tortured life of Gary the ninja.


Crazy world within a music box.


Crazy head movies. i think alma just destroyed the world. Maybe she’s the one that can take Goku in a fight.


Level’s over


There are some crazy scenes in a hospital. Not sure what any of it means. but now I hate hospitals… even more…


Apparently my glasses are what makes the H.U.D. Take that Johnny Cage!


No guns, just my wicked karate skills. I’m going to sweep all the legs!


If they took away my equipment, why the heck do I still have a flashlight? I don’t even want to know the answer…


Broke a Squee-Z juice vending machine in one punch. The Professor Doctor soda machine however, remains resilient. We WILL break him.


A dead man fell from the sky. Santa’s given me better presents than this. I guess I wasn’t good this year.


Just blew up a flamethrower man. He’s barbeque now. Real Barbeque It’s kind of nauseating.

Also, a new informant has entered the fray, he goes by the name… SNAKE FIST.


Just tried to kung-fu everyone to death and paid for it with my health. I think I’ll stick to my guns. Like my real guns. My firearms.


Just got my first achievement. The name? Snake Fist!


My first death. Mostly as a result of me wanting to be a Kung-Fu man a little while ago.

Some firefights happen and my hour runs out…


So far, F.E.A.R. 2 is an incredibly polished shooter. The characters all look cool and there’s definitely some eerie things going on with the story and atmosphere. I hope you enjoyed the first hour of the game like I did, and feel free to let us know how your time compares.

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  1. Funny shit man, laughed alot. :)

  2. I must admit, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up when Alma decided to appear and disappear.

  3. Loved it! Hilarious and informative. Bravo.

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    Rather entertaining many many thanks, I believe your visitors could possibly want significantly more content pieces similar to this carry on the great perform.

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