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Apparently, despite the unveiling of new story points in the upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed galactic soap opera, Mass Effect, the developers are begging you to not delete your saves. For the love of god don’t do it!

Community manager Chris Priestly on the official Mass Effect forums: “Hang on to your Mass Effect 1 saves.”

I believe I’m speaking for a lot of Xbox 360 owners when I say: Dude, there’s enough space to keep a save on my hard drive.

Those episodes of Grey’s Anatomy however, can go. I don’t think it was a very big surprise that the revelations in the new trailer (seen here) were superficial in nature, especially since Bioware has been hinting at save sharing between all Mass Effect games since before the original’s release.

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Source: videogamer

  1. I hoard my save games religiously. Who just goes and deletes them, right away?

  2. avatar Bassium

    It’s not that they delete them on purpose, I let my nephew play on my Gamecube once (Unsupervised.) and to him the game was deleting all my save files (He just recently learned how to do it and thought it needed to be done.) so it’s not always something you meant to do.

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