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By: | February 18th, 2009


Monte Cristo Games has been kind enough to send us a new set of screenshots from their upcoming next-generation city-builder, CITIES XL™, today. The new screens focus on key in-game elements such as sports stadiums, farms and downtown areas, all of which are important aspects of the gameplay within CITIES XL™ as they help bolster the economies of player-managed cities.

In such a rough ecomony this game could bring some joy knowing that you’re in charge of building and running things for once.  Please enjoy these screenshots brought to you by Monte Cristo Games:

Farms Build 1:


Farm Build 2:


Farm Ariel View:


New York by Day:


New York by Night:


Stadium 1:


Stadium 2:


Statue of Liberty:


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  1. Hehe, that’s crazy Daniel.

  2. avatar Jose

    why are there too many towers in the Brooklyn Bridge? cant it be adjusted?

    BTW, maybe Cities XL will the the most epic and the best CBS ever when its released.

  3. avatar hope

    hope cool game

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