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call-of-duty-4-titleThe Call Of Duty 4: Variety Map Pack, has been discounted, by half price! And will remain on sale for a limited time only.

The map pack, which contains 4 new maps, was 800 Microsoft Points ($10), until yesterday, but it has been halved to 400 MSP ($5), this price drop will remain until Midnight on March 2nd, so get a move on!

The Map pack contains:

  • Chinatown: A revision of the Call of Duty Carentan map, this night-time map set amidst the foggy streets and neon lights of Chinatown is perfect for your late-night firefight.
  • Creek: This wide open woodsy settlement is great for large-scale games, and the attentive sniper who will find lots of cover to hide behind.
  • Broadcast: Urban fighting inside a large, multi-story television station complex is balanced by an extensive outdoor area.
  • Killhouse: This warehouse filled with obstacles and hiding points makes for a good medium-scale game. Hide and shoot!

The CoD4 Variety Map Pack is the single most downloaded item of content on both XBL and PSN, it has sold 2,000,000+ copies since its release. So if you’re unsure about the quality of the download, let the figures tell you what you need to know, this is quality stuff.

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