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I love Batman, and it’s always disappointed me that the Batman Begins tie-in game didn’t live up to my glorious standards, so when the Dark Knight was released I expected an equally mediocre tie-in game. However Rocksteady Studios have developed a Batman game based on the comics, not the movie, Batman Arkham Asylum, and a new trailer has been released.

The graphics look fantastic, and you can really see the Unreal Engine at work. Batman looks awesome and The Joker looks downright insane. However photo-realism has been avoided for the most part, most character features have been exaggerated, such as the jokers facial shape, but it all contributes to the tone and style of the game, dark and eerie.


Most of the trailer shows cut scenes and not in game footage, what I’m guessing to be the games introduction video. But it shows off the great visuals and the charming voice of Kevin Conroy, who we all know as Batman from all the cartoons and Mark Hamill as the Joker. The trailer also shows batman utilising a number of his Bat-Gadgets, such as the Batarang and the Batcable [Grapple Gun], and hopefully these and more will be implemented into the actual Gameplay.

From the Gameplay footage shown it seems to be in a 3rd person view, much like Devil May Cry or Metal Gear Solid, with a hand to hand grappling combat system. Let’s just hope the combat works well and doesn’t leave us button mashing our way through fights, as it shows Batman brawling through the entire residence of Arkham Asylum.

With the game being released across Ps3, 360 and PC this summer they should have all the kinks worked out by then. If not, we’re stuck with another rubbish Batman game and we are going to have to keep on playing Batman and Robin for the Super Nintendo. But luckily the game looks pretty solid so I’m keeping the faith.

  1. avatar Quraishi

    Awesome, Batman is a beast!

    Now only if they make a decent Ironman game….

  2. They need to make a good Wolverine game that lives up to the SNES’ Wolverine: Adamantium Rage.

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