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Well, we have quite a nice little week coming up, whether you’re a Microsoft supporter or a Sony supporter. Or if you’re a lucky bastard like me, you own both. But either way, big releases are getting extra content and being offered for a relatively small amount of money, or in other cases, completely free.

If you like you’re first person post-nuclear epics, you’re tactical espionage action, or simply like to decimate zombies brains against the wall with you’re trusty ol’ twelve-gauge, then get ready for one superior week for both the PS3’s and Xbox 360’s DLC.

Resident Evil 5: Demo

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With March 13th only a month and a half away, the US finally gets their hands on the playable demo of Resident Evil 5. Released Monday, January 26th on the Xbox 360, the demo offers two scenarios to play through; the Public Assembly and Shanty Town. You can play either level by yourself, with a friend over Xbox Live, or with a friend playing split screen. Controls offer a classic RE feel, or the default setting, more of an action adventure feel with the ability to run and gun. Although only offering about 40 minutes worth of play, and thats if you explore every nook and cranny, its a horrifying and exhilarating 40 minutes, and one that should definitely not be passed on, especially with a great price tag of FREE. Oh, and to PS3 owner – sucks to be you, you’re gonna have to wait another week.

Metal Bomb Mission Mode


Now, for the PS3, Konami has prepared an all new online mode for Metal Gear Online, which is offered free to everyone with a copy of the game, being released on Tuesday, January 27th. Called “Bomb Mission Mode,” players will be split into two teams, one defending and one attacking. The attacking team will have a bomb they must plant within the defending team’s stronghold and then detonate without the opposing team using a special coolant to diffuse a planted bomb. If the attacking team fails to activate the bomb within the set time limit, the defending team wins. The screens show that you play as mercs, which seems a little weird. If I were planting bombs, I’d want to do some crazy stealthy…things, not just use a gat and blow bitches away. Still, it does offer a new spin on a rapidly aging product, but a spin we’ve seen half-a-dozen times before.

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage


And finally, Bethesda is beginning their onslaught of three separate “expansions” for their award winning Fallout 3. Being released simultaneously on the Xbox 360 and the PC (sorry PS3 owners, Bethesda decided to take a dump all over Sony), Operation Anchorage offers anywhere from 4 to 6 hours of gameplay, depending how ambitious your exploring is. You’ll be thrown into a simulator, much like one of the quests you encounter during the main game, and brought back to June 2076; the military rescue of Alaska from the grips of communist China. First introducing the power armor that has become a staple of the Fallout series, you’ll help in the reclamation of Alaska, and witness the beginning of the end of civilization in the Fallout universe. The 800 MP price tag is a little high (10 bucks for about 5 hours?), its nothing compared to the $60, ten hour atrocity that was Too Human.

  1. ouch, a little harsh on too human.

  2. ….damn you bethesda and your sony hating….. if only gs would trade my ps3 version for the 360 version straight up, hahahaha that made me laugh…

  3. i admit, I could have lightened up on Too Human, but when I buy a game to play cooperatively, I want to see cutscenes and story, not have to play the game twice, considering the lack of depth the combat offered. The only positive to the game was the skill tree, but if the skills aren’t fun to use, whats the point of having a well thought out tree?

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