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Long way away

In a recent interview with Mercury News the president of Microsoft’s Entertainment division ‘Robbie Bach’ confirmed that the Xbox 360 is here to stay and that this console generation will last a lot longer then the previous ones.

“Just coming up with something that’s faster and prettier isn’t going to be sufficient,” said Bach, 47. “The life cycle for this generation of consoles — and I’m not just talking about Xbox, I’d include Wii and PS3 as well — is probably going to be a little longer than previous generations.”


From the interview it seems that there is two reasons for the ‘no hurry’ approach, one the economy isn’t strong enough to support a new console, and secondly that being able to make something new that the consumers will want would be a tricky task.

This is certainly good news for all the current gamers, as I’m sure none of us want to buy a new console anytime soon.

Source: Mercury News

  1. avatar Nicholas

    I have no worries with the Xbox 360 staying around for a while … the thing is, all those consoles pre-Jasper development are not 100% (or at least worthwhile) reliable and will inevitably breakdown. Now, as long as repairs are free it does not bother me, but if we are going to be stuck with consoles with guaranteed failure-rates for a few more years … it will be disappointing. I really hope they take their time and release a next-generation console which is a lot more durable that the 360.

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