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Later this month in Japan, the Wii will be getting it’s own streaming video channel compliments of Fujisoft. Right now, it just looks like cartoons like Transformers and anime such as Astroboy will be available for Wii points. Called “Minna no Theater”, or “Everybody’s Theater” in english, this service looks to push the Wii as more than just a video gaming device.

It’s reported that first the user has to spend 500 Wii points to download the software, and then additionally purchase each title. This is akin to Microsoft’s strategy of requiring Live users to have a Gold account before being allowed to use Netflix. The estimated date for an American release of the service is “maybe within a year”. It looks like if this really takes off, more adult oriented anime titles might hit the service, which is a plus for older Wii owners.

At the moment, Fujisoft is in negotiations with Nintendo to keep this service for the lifetime of the Wii. Progress looks likely as Nintendo plans to push some of their content over the service; my guess is cartoons like the “Mario Brothers Super Show”.

Many Wii fans at the moment seem to have mixed feelings. “Are the feeds high quality? I would rather have a way to store videos instead of rent them? Is it just going to be cartoons?” are many questions that have been asked recently. Only time will tell after the actual release of the service if it’s viable on current Wii hardware.My personal prediction is that around 2011 Nintendo will announce a hard-drive/add-on for the Wii and allow users to save videos, with a full-on marketplace. Anyone excited?

Source: Nintendo Wiifanboy

  1. avatar Zakia

    I’d fork over the 5 if it had a few movies.

    Probably will only be disney-channel stuff =/

  2. The idea is dumb, but at least they’re adding stuff.

  3. Feel free to share your thoughts, including your current satisfaction with the Wii; we’re always looking to expand our community :D

  4. avatar Roman

    hulu is all i have to say if somehow they could get hooked up with them i would be all for it the only site with closed captions my gf deaf and we love the wii just would be nice if people thought a lil more about who they are leaving out

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