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VG Chartz is now reporting Wii Sports is the highest selling game of all time, finally surpassing the long held benchmark set by Super Mario Bros, overtaking it with a massive 40.52 million units sold.

Currently the top 15 consist of all Nintendo produced games except one, see if you can spot it.

  1. Wii Sports 40.52
  2. Super Mario Bros 40.24
  3. Pokemon Red / Green / Blue 31.38
  4. Tetris 30.26
  5. Duck Hunt 28.31
  6. Pokemon Gold / Silver 23.11
  7. Nintendogs 21.37
  8. Super Mario World 20.61
  9. Wii Play 19.68
  10. Super Mario Land 18.14
  11. New Super Mario Bros 18.14
  12. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 17.61
  13. Super Mario Bros 3 17.28
  14. Pokemon Diamond / Pearl 17.22
  15. Brain Training 16.43

Should gamers be bowing down to their new overlord or voicing concern that a game which could be interpreted as a ‘novelty’ is getting such attention, either way it’ll be interesting to see how the future of games develop from here.

Source: vgchartz

  1. That’s a little lame- counting a “free” game towards sales?!?! But whatever makes Nintendo feel warm inside.

  2. Not entirely free, you can purchase a copy of Wii sports to replace a broken one. It also was sold separately at launch in Japan, though I’m not sure if its packed in now or not.

  3. avatar Toast

    Ha! The Wii may be sneered at by 360 and PS3 owners but it seems to be doing better than ever!

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