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And what better thing to do with a horde of zombies than to set them on fire and hit them with a baseball bat?  With Pinnacle Entertainments new “Burn Zombie Burn,” the goal is immolation and extermination.  The Playstation Network original features frenzied combat and deft maneuvering of wave upon wave of undead.

Dispatch the animated dead with chainsaws, lawnmowers, shotguns, and even dance-ray guns that manipulate ghouls to dance a Thriller-ish dance to Thriller-ish music.  The simultaneous evasion and shooting mechanic smacks of a gory Geometry Wars, but that’s a good thing.  By setting groups of zombies aflame you increase the score multiplier, rocketing your score into heavenly heights when you finally unload your gatling gun upon them or coax them into planted TNT.

There is something viscerally entertaining about seeing a mob of flaming corpses trailing the main character Bruce (Bruce Campbell clone), only to be blown to bits by a previously planted nitro-bomb.  The game is set to release March 30, 2009, so ready your flame-throwers.

Is this looking particularly tasty to anyone else? Or does anybody think the recent trend of all things zombie is getting a little tired?

  1. Fun little game to try out there. It seems fun for what it is.

  2. avatar ryan s

    sounds like a cool game from the description. looks fun and even kind of addicting.

  3. WHOOO! ZOMBIES!!!! Really want to give this a go.

  4. Zombie games are awesome, addicting, and fun. The trend will die when they start making zombie shovelware, which will kill the trend.

    My favorite moments of Zombies can be found in the TimeSplitters series, those were priceless.

  5. It’s like Assault Heroes meets Zombies at my Neighbors. And that’s a good thing.

  6. I think it will be fun to have a zombie game that isn’t taking itself seriously and you can just plow through waves of them with the swing of the bat.

  7. avatar irutnhoj

    tim,you rock!

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