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As my days of vacation dwindle to nothingness, my gaming time simultaneously dwindles. Woe is me. This week we catch up with myself and four other writers to see what they are playing.


bobaAt any rate, I’ve been putting a massive dent in Persona 3, and by massive, I mean I’m at 20 hours with no end in sight. This could quite possibly be my final JRPG as I don’t think I have the constitution nor the sheer fortitude to tackle another 40+ hour game. Also spinning in the drive is Left 4 Dead, my team has but one loss under us, and are accepting all challengers. Just keep in mind that we’re playing for pinks.


colin1Well since our last in the tray article I’ve managed to only play a few flash games, most notably Sin Mark and Warfare 1917 both very fine examples of quality flash games.

Check them out on Casualty Gamer if you are interested.


As the holidays near their end, I’ve found myself to be enthralled with Fallout 3! LittleBigPlanet sits lonely in the corner, gathering dust while I tend to dismember a herd of Feral Ghouls. With each quest I complete, my  only increases my addiction; its slowly destroying what left of a social life I have.


So I found a video rental store here local to me that rents games and movies for only 99 cents. Well I have been using this as an opportunity to catch up on all those games I’ve missed lately. So I rented Wario Shake It, Prince of Persia, Ninja Gaiden 2, Deca Sports (for the wife), Fallout 3, Mortal Kombat vs DC, Left 4 Dead, Fable 2 and ended up buying Fallout 3. So thats got alot of the time, oh and with Socom 1.3 patch its got some time. But here at the end of the week, Socoms getting traded in, How I Met Your Mother Season 3 Disc 3 is in and Fallout is AWESOME!


My gaming has all been centered around Persona 4. I’ve been playing it every chance I get. I love it and is by far my favorite modern JRPG (nothing can touch Chrono Trigger). I’ve already put so many hours into that game but am still early in. I’ve also played a bit of Aquaria, which is amazing. Other than that its only been the old habits, mainly a little more jamming in Rock Band 2, just bought the Killers pack and Moving Pictures by Rush.

What’s everyone else been playing?

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