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The last major holiday of the season has come and gone and left us with a tornado of new releases from quarter 4. With the girlfriend spending the vast majority of her time with her family, I’m finding decent time to play games. How about you guys?


bobaAs for me, funnily enough, I’m playing a bunch of older games. I finally acquired a means to play my old PS2 games, so I’ll be spending a lot of hours on Persona 3, which I’m REALLY liking so far. Also on rotation is Civilization: Revolution which has been my obsession as of lately. I’m currently trying to finish off the acheivements in the game, although the deity difficulty level has me scared to death.

Lastly, I’ll be slogging my way through Oblivion. I decided to play it in the wake of finishing Fallout 3 for the millionth time and I’m not liking it a whole lot, although I am having some fun.


avatarpic-lThough while I would normally be disheartened at the fact that I am not enjoying the great new games of the season, but I have to agree with Rick. I am mostly enjoying older games with the exception of the games I’m playing for review.

Currently I am playing Chrono Trigger, while I am playing the new rerelease on the DS, I still am loving this classic RPG. I also have a still sealed copy Chrono Cross waiting to be opened upon finishing Chrono Trigger. I am also about to start Yakuza, I’ve heard so much about the series and found a brand new copy for $20 at Gamestop so I picked it up. I too am playing Persona 3, I think it is one of the best RPGs this year. I just got a new gaming laptop and finally signed up into Steam so I have reemerged into PC gaming. I jumped at the end of the year sale Steam had and picked up the Valve pack, the Darwinia Multiwinia pack, Aquaria, and Audiosurf. I’m playing all four of the independent games and Half Life: Opposing Force, Team Fortress 2, and the mod of Portal, Portal Prelude. I’m playing Eternal Darkness for both my podcast and personal enjoyment.

I’m also playing Banjo Kazooie, Tomb Raider Underworld, Persona 4, and am about to start Valkyria Chronicles. I’m really enjoying them, Persona 4 in particular. These games are for review so while I would play them regardless, I am playing them for a specific purpose right now.


colin1Well, I’ve been playing… pretty much nothing. Although when I’ve managed to free up some time I’ve been still playing Civilization 4: Colonization, such an addictive game although I still haven’t been able to finish a match.

Professionally (if I can call it that), I’ve played a few casual games for Casualty Gamer, you can check out the write ups on the site.


This has been a very busy Holiday season for me gaming wise.  I have played a numerous amount of games in  the past week.  However before Christmas week my 360 was in the repair center getting all fixed up because it wouldn’t read my discs.  I was disappointed as this was my 5th time I’ve had to send my console in.  I patiently waited weeks to get my baby back and once I did I couldn’t stop sleeping.

Enough of my ramblings let’s get to the games I’ve played.  I bought Farcry 2, Midnight Club: LA, Fallout 3 and Dead Space.  Where do I start?  All the games are great and have their own originality that separates them all from each other.  Dead Space is probably the most under rated game out there at the moment, most people see EA developing it and don’t give it a chance.  Dead Space is probably one of the most epic games this year and executes really well.

One of the other sleepers this Holiday is Midnight Club: LA a game that has great gameplay and just feels right a mix between Burnout and Need for Speed.  I’ve noticed more people online now that Christmas has passed which is a great thing because the game comes with a great online Cruise Mode that lets you and freinds cruise around LA.  These two are the under rated titles of this Season in my opinion.  Fallout 3 and Farcry 2 have been nothing short of spectacular titles.

What are you guys going to be playing this weekend?

  1. cool feature! fallout 3 and rock band 2 for me

  2. +1 For having The Shield in my tray :D

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