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By: | January 16th, 2009
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As you, our loyal readers, have undoubtedly notice, Gamer Limit has been pumping out features like petrol. Well, today I am honored to announce that were adding yet another to the mix. Of course, it’s quite blatantly revealed in the title just what this editorial is about, what if Bioshock had a multiplayer component…

Just recently I wrote Gamer Limit’s Bioshock review, and it’s quite noticeable that I was to some extent disappointed. I praised the game chiefly for its unique art direction, engaging gameplay, and breathtaking sound, but I deeply criticized it for its complete lack of replayability. Now, as I have been given opportunity to write the first “what if”, I felt it best to cover the one thing that could’ve garnered Bioshock a significantly higher score.

These days, multiplayer is a widely adopted feature, and many games that don’t facet this quickly lose value. To me, if a game doesn’t contain a quality multiplayer mode, I’m likely to trade it in immediately upon completion, with the exception of such RPG’s as Fallout 3, which are guaranteed to remain on my shelf for years to come. So, the foremost question is, what would Bioshock’s multiplayer have been like if it existed?


One can only wonder what diverse game types would’ve been available, and while the insipid ones would clearly list the overused deathmatch or free-for all games, I’d like to think otherwise. With Rapture being as unique as it already is, to me it would feel off beam to offer just the basics, so instead I took some time to dream up some possible match types. Firstly, and possibly what could’ve been the most ambitious mode, would require everyone on the map to in a way team up to bring down a big daddy, which would either be AI controlled or player controlled; this all versus one style, especially with a Big Daddy, would be my choice mode. Second, would be my cooperative variation of Gears of War 2’s “Horde” mode, where you, along with others, must fend off wave after wave of Splicers until you reach the end of the stage.

I understand that these “modes” of mine are really just variations of other multiplayer games, but if they are precisely implemented to Bioshock’s setting, the overall experience could be that much stronger. With the splendor of Rapture, there really is no limit, and I for one am quite surprised that multiplayer wasn’t realized from the very start of development; it would’ve had so much potential.


Plasmids are one of the high points of the singleplayer campaign, and if Bioshock did include multiplayer, I can easily see how they would service action in the same way. Not only would it completely alter your game style (depending on the plasmids you choose) but it would also adds a significant tactical aspect, for instance, if you knew the current map had buckets of water spilling everywhere drowning the level, then you may prefer to equipped something a bit more…shocking. Although, in a map abundant with ice, you may rather have incinerator, to gain access to areas previously “iced in”.

Well, you may notice that I have been somewhat melodramatic about this topic, and I admit that; but I treat these thoughts of mine as a brainchild. I can only hope that 2K is listening in, too, because these may just be what Bioshock 2 requires.

What do you think, what type of multiplayer would suit Bioshock?

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