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This week, instead of a new game tommorow, Xbox Live gamers are greeted with a refreshingly cheap download content package. For only 160 Microsoft Points ($2.00 US), you can buy this new add-on, with enough content to keep you playing this gem for quite some time. Will this content make up for the fact that it took developer The Behemoth 6 months to come out with a patch that fixed game breaking, data deleting glitches? Only time will tell, but at the moment Castle Crashers is sitting up top of Microsoft’s throne as the #1 played Live Arcade game.


  • Two new playable characters: The Open-Faced Grey Knight, and The King
  • An all new animal orb – Pelter, the Seal
  • Three new weapons
  • A new spell, “King’s Heal”, which can heal you or the entire party

Whats up for next week you ask? The extremely entertaining game “The Maw”, for 800 Microsoft Points.


Source: Major Nelson

  1. They should have released the damn thing for free considering how broken the original release was.

  2. Yea – whats even worse was Epic releasing the Gears of War 2 maps for $10 right after the game came out, and before they even patched the game!

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