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The massively multiplayer game “The United States of America’s Democracy” (also called U.S. Democracy, USA, or simply US) has recently released a patch that updates the game to version 44.0, addressing a number of complaints and issues found with the game’s previous version released just under eight years ago.

The President, the largest factor of complaints, has received many notable upgrades from the previous patch. The Leadership skill has been fixed to scale properly to crises – this problem was identified with the proper application of artificial intelligence to the unit. The “Drain Treasury” bug was also fixed, which once allowed the President to share any loot from the Treasury with anyone on his friends list.

The Vice President has also received some notable reworking. A notable bug that made many players suffer was that he would incorrectly aggro on friendly units, an issue founded with the Ranged Attack and Headshot abilities. He is also now no longer immune to the Legislative and Judicial classes, also having been correctly re-identified as a pet.

The Cabinet and Homeland Security classes, as well as the Judiciary race, have also been the subject of rebalancing. A bug once prevented the Cabinet from disagreeing with the President. Homeland Security’s threat advisory auras have been fixed – Guarded (Blue) and Low (Green) have been removed as the aura is constantly stuck on Elevated (Yellow). Many Judiciary units were also mistakenly flagged as “ideological”, an issue that has been fixed and is still being monitored.

Several other game factors have been addressed, as well: many server’s economies have been ravaged, so correct monitoring of them is being applied to make sure that the auction houses do not crash and quest givers do not terminate their contracts with players. PvP factions have also been rebalanced due to the For Us/Against Us flag. The “Desert Storm” quest was displaying the “Mission Complete” message shortly after taking the quest, an issue that has now been fixed. Finally, much to the dismay of farmers, recipes that once required Crude Oil regents can now be made with Solar, Wind, Geothermal, and other alternate regents.

For the complete change log, please visit the official site here.

  1. avatar PlutoniumOre

    Well this is getting saved to the computer lol that was great. Cept desert Storm should read “Operation Iraqi Freedom” lawl.

  2. avatar Damien Galluzzi

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