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Some people will do anything for money. Although there are tons of retail crime rings out there, this one hit a local community. Recently, in Brevard county Florida, thieves were taking high priced electronic items such as Xbox 360s, and returning the containers stuffed with books.

I have to question the intelligence of both the thieves and the retail employees. Any half-wit would check the box first. Homes of the suspects were raided and the merchandise were found. I’ve also noticed that a lot of people are stealing Microsoft point cards.

While Gamespot usually has them locked up, places like Target have them in plain view, where thieves can just pocket them. Hopefully Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo will follow suit with other card transactions, and have a neccesary activation process to prevent shrinkage.

  1. avatar Nicholas

    I did not get the first paragraph but the one about Microsoft Points is stupidity on the retailer’s part. Microsoft Points here are always behind a glass cabinet and when they can be taken so easily – you would expect workers to use some common sense.

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