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Today marks a monumental occasion for Gamer Limit, the premiere episode of our very own podcast. Featuring myself, David, Ricky and Adam.

The premiere episode didn’t quite go as smoothly as we hoped due a technical hiccup where we lost the entire first recording, thus the premiere episode is somewhat of a reenactment of the first episode. I (and maybe the others) felt slightly awkward in the rerecording since I recovering what I covered in the ‘lost’ episode. Also the sound quality is a bit ‘iffy’ to say the least but we will have it fixed by the next episode, but ultimately don’t worry… it can only get better from here.

Also on a side note, this will be Adam’s sole appearance in the official cast as he has plans to do his own podcast, and in case you are worried Adam’s podcast will still be part of the Gamer Limit network. Expect to hear it soon in all its awesomeness!

Nonetheless I hope you enjoy our premiere episode.


  1. Great start gentlemen. Can’t wait until next episode.

  2. Putting on iPod now.

    Any chance it’ll be on iTunes? Might get publicity.

  3. avatar Bilal

    Nice, fun to listen to while I was on the forums.

  4. Avatar Image Ian

    Great podcast guys, cant wait for episode 2

  5. It’s been submitted to iTunes, although might take a while to be approved.

  6. Awesome job guys. I love it. I’ll have to get in on the second one if i’m free :D

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