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If you haven’t played Meat Boy yet, here’s a taste of what Super Meat Boy might be like. The game is an odd-ball 2d adventure, and is set to be released as a WiiWare title. There isn’t much to say about this title except that when it comes out, it will be insanely popular.

Super Meat Boy is probably going to be like Meat Boy, which in turn is like N+, with a zanier premise and more mature setting. To be blunt, blood is splattered everywhere when Meat boy runs around because guess what? He’s a glob of red meat! Meat Boy gives you fun facts about red meat such as “eating two servings of red meat a day increases your chance of bowel cancer by 35 percent”. Fun! The finished version will have improved graphics and 100+ levels to play. The teaser site is up for your enjoying pleasure. Also, feel free to watch a sample video of Super Meatboy’s predecessor in action.

Source: Nintendo Wii Fanboy

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