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So those of you PS3 owners who bought Socom Confrontation on release and never played it again, get ready! The 1.30 patch is out and ready for install. Coming in at 526 mb it will take a few minutes, but if it delivers on its many promises this patch could bring Socom Confrontation back to the for front of gaming.

Patch 1.30 is set to include the highly wanted prone dive, it will list your room under your name on xmb so friends can find you. It also has a fully updated lefty control, d-pad lean and server stability. They mentioned the addition of quick match and party mode (which were seen in the beta), oh yeah and a little something called Trophies!

So for all our Socom fans and trophy whores out there, put this back in your disc drive and get ready! See you online.

Source: Socom Site

  1. So yeah the patch is out, and the game still flops, looking forward to Killzone 2. Can’t wait to get that one!

  2. avatar Haniv

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