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According to IGN, the quasi-successor to the DS, the Nintendo DSi, will be available in North America in early April. The projected cost for the DSi is $179.99. Hit the jump to find out the good news and bad news regarding the DSi’s release.

So what is the DSi? It’s a newer model of the Nintendo DS, and plays the same games. It’s smaller, has an SD Card slot, some internal memory, a digital camera, and my favorite feature, the DSiWare store. As a DS owner, if you’ve ever been jealous of the Playstation 3’s PSN and the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade, don’t fret. You’ll be able to download and enjoy a bunch of games this year over Nintendo’s service. The advent of the DSi also means that the 2nd gen DS models will most likely be getting a price drop. There is a catch: No Gameboy Advance (GBA) slot, so it would be wise to get a backup Gameboy SP in case you want to play your current games. Personally, I’ll sell my DS and upgrade because I’m sure the DSiWare store will have add-ons for released games in addition to brand new titles.

Source: IGN

  1. man that looks preety sweet actually it might have an even better edge over psp now im scurred i like sony

  2. avatar Ricky

    Seems entirely possible considering Nintendo’s new Apple-esque marketing strategies.

  3. I never got a DS Lite and my current DS’ ‘R’ button doesn’t work, so those are the only reasons I’m picking up a DSi. The ONLY reasons.

  4. avatar Nicholas

    If Nintendo allows people to download full retail games to a SD Micro-Card I think it would be awesome – with full payment of course. They just need to focus on getting protection and DRM just right to ensure a) it is not to constrictive on the gamer and b) no-one can share games to abuse the feature. I will most likely give this one a miss, but it gives a great insight into what the next Nintendo-handheld might hold.

  5. avatar james

    actually the nintendo team got smart! i read that this ds will also has full acess to the internet. epic!

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