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The Resident Evil 5 US demo has just got a release date, and it’s not that far away, January the 26th. Although sadly for the PS3 crowd they will have to wait as this demo is exclusive to the Xbox 360.


The demo will include two levels of co-op goodness, although if you don’t have a friend they offer an AI controlled counterpart. On a side note, for those who are interested co-op can be handled either split-screen or across Xbox Live.

It has been rumored that the PS3 Demo will arrive in the following week, although only time can tell.

Resident Evil 5 like the previous in the series is a third-personal survival horror game and is being developed Capcom with developer Kenichi Ueda at the helm. Resident Evil 5 is currently scheduled to be released on March 13th.

Source: MajorNelson

  1. For anyone interested, i’ll post impressions on the Japanese demo soon

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