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EA is still releasing a free Mirror’s Edge level for PS3 owners, on January 29th. The surreal level is called “Synesthesia” and attempts to break the mold of city-running locales. Hit the jump for a quick look at what’s in the non-free level pack, and a video of what the new content will look like.

The map pack add-on is $10, and will include 7 new maps for you to get your time-trial on. Does anyone remember “secret level 3″ in Powerstone 2? I’m feeling a slight bit of nostalgia here. Download the video for yourself on the Playstation Store to enjoy it on your television screen.

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  1. avatar NOWAY

    What about 360 owners?

  2. avatar kculi

    cool…………… eat that xbots

  3. avatar Chris

    What about PS3 owners for the GTAIV DLC?

    And GTAIV > ME, don’t complain (and I don’t even own ME). ;)

  4. Heh – PS3 owners still miss out on the Fallout 3 content. It’s a win-lose situation!

  5. avatar Gorea27

    What about the PC version? Those are great looking maps.

  6. @Gorea27
    There’s no confirmation for the PC version download content, but my guess is it will be out in a few months

  7. Plus this game isn’t nothing special for the 360 owners. No one really is complaining on

  8. avatar Brandon A

    hey guys, i like the game mirrors edge a tone, but why a futureistic map? shouldn’t you stick with the modern day theme and city theme instead of a weird floating objects theme for the new maps? its just my opinion but hey, good work on the original game =) its awesome and it’s the best game i’ve ever played, even better than halo 3, gears of war 2, and call of duty 5, good job everyone that helped make the game possible =)

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