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The developers of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix one of the most hyped upcoming puzzle games have just released a Flash demo of the game, it’s pretty well done and definitely leaves you wanting more.


Although the Flash game does leave you wanting more it feels a bit anti-’climatix’ (excuse the pun), hopefully when the RPG elements are adding in and it’s released on a proper platform it will be a lot more likable. On a personal note, Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlord is by far my favorite puzzle game, althoughI’m hoping when Puzzle Quest: Galactrix gets released I get a new favorite.

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is being developed by Infinite Interactive and has a scheduled release date of early 2009, it will be released on XBLA, PC and the DS.

Play It here

  1. avatar Milly

    Just wanted to say wmoelce aboard to the team at ArenaNet.Also as far as your screen shots go, if the hard drive is still good. You can download and burn a live-cd/dvd of linux and use that to recover your pictures and documents. Also, just as an aside GuildWars play fine under linux using wine ( If you have the computer power for it. )If you need some remote help, please feel free to ask. And if your in the game (GW) just look for Red Boy Two or Ranger Tough Nuts.Take care,Tough_Nutz

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