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Today we have the honor of having an exclusive interview with the Pixelated Girl herself ‘Jannica’, who hit the social networking sites last week with an insanely popular Mirrors Edge Themed Photo shoot, read below to find out more about this upcoming geek goddess.

Gamer Limit: To set the tone we’ll start with a bunch of rapid fire questions, lets begin.

Gamer Limit: Favorite Video Game Character?
Jannica: I like Link. A lot. I just think he’s cute.

Favorite Video Game Animal?
Animal? My cow from Harvest Moon. I named her Roxy. I cried when she died. She was my only source of money at one point. LOL.

Favorite Video Game(Just 1, No cheating)?
Mario Paint on SNES because you get to use your creative abilities to play.

Retro or Modern Gamer?

Console or Desktop Gamer?

All time favorite console?
Super Nintendo!

Cereal or Toast?
Umm, I like both for breakfast! I’ll eat toast first, then cereal after.


Okay now that’s done with, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I just turned 20! My mom was the one who introduced me to video games. I have one younger brother, he calls me a nerd because of how I’m into video games. I think it’s funny how it’s the girls in my family who are into video games.

I love art. I’ve been doing art since I was a little girl. I think I would want to work for Pixar or just do video game art design. I find myself to be a very creative person, and I thank video games for that because they help me look at life in many different perspectives. Video games keeps my mind running, so I would always have new ideas for my art.

Also how did Pixelated Girl come to be?

Well it all started when I was at work. I’m a gameroom attendant so I fix broken games and interact with guests. One of the writers from was I think, “dared” to get my number or something as I was fixing the game that I think wasn’t even broken at all! Then later we just became friends on the internet. I did not give out my number, I just gave out my screen name. From then on we would talk about games and stuff like that. A while later he told me that he writes for this website and his editor, Nelson, the creator of PixelatedGeek, was looking for a female to help out the site. Now here I am!

Have you had any experience modeling before starting Pixelated Girl?

No, not really. I just like taking pictures with my friends.

I’ve always wanted to be one though, secretly. I never thought I could be one because I wasn’t the hot popular girl at school. I was just the girl who would play video games with the guys.

My younger brother started taking photography in school, and he recently used me as his model for his photography project. That’s basically all my experience with modeling.

Your Mirror’s Edge photo shoot got a lot of attention on the social networking sites, how did you handle the critiques and the compliments?

Compliments are always nice, but I find the critiques much more helpful. When someone puts me down, I laugh it off and think of ways that I can show them up in the future. I spend a lot of my time going over comments to learn about who I am up against, and what people like. I really love reading the compliments that I get though too. They make me happy.

How many marriage proposals did you get?

HAHA! I got one through a comment.

Tempted by any? j/k

Nope haha. Flattering, but no.

Your Mirror’s Edge cosplay shoot seems to be your most popular, do you think you will do more cosplay in the future?

Oh yes I shall! It’s always fun to dress up. Although my site isn’t about cosplay, I’ve noticed people disagreeing with how I pulled off my Mirror’s Edge cosplay with my long hair. They just have to understand that if I do cosplay, it’ll be my version of what I’m cosplaying as, just to be different and not like all the other asian girls who try to be exactly the same as the character. I’m not hating on cosplayers or anything. I just think they’re really cool and I feel that I don’t really look like anyone. So, cosplaying wouldn’t be a strong point for me to throw out onto the internet.

What do your friends and family thing about your new found hobby ‘Video game modeling’?

My family thinks it’s cool just as long as I don’t do anything that they wouldn’t want to see me doing >.> haha. My mom says I look pretty in my pictures.

My friends think it’s cool too. One of my friends said it was perfect for me because if I were to be a model, they wouldn’t see me as a fashion model, or some car ¬†model. Video game modelling sounds like something I would do, or so they say. I’m thinking they said that cause it’s weird and different, and that’s what they see me as. Weird and different.


How long does an average photo shoot take, and how many people are involved?

Usually it’s been taking about half a day. It doesn’t feel like it takes long, maybe because they’re fun.

Our photoshoot crew consists of 1-2 photographers, one cameraman, my “help me think of another pose” person haha, and the rest are just my moral support.

Get nervous?

No not really, my crew just seems like a whole bunch of friends hanging out, but they take pictures of me while were hanging out. I don’t really know what I would be nervous about, and don’t tell me because then I might be nervous next time!

Enjoy it?

Yes! I do actually. I never thought I would be modeling while I play games on my DS lite.

And to finish with, we couldn’t help but to lower the bar for the Jannica lovers… but by your third photo shoot you were down to your underwear, is that as ‘risque’ as you will take it?

Well, no actually. I think we might do something a little bit more in the future. We are keeping it classy, I don’t want people to get the wrong impression of me, especially on the internet. (oh gosh.)

Also, some people have been saying that I look like i’m 12 or around that age. Which makes them feel a little grossed out by me. I am in fact 20 years old, and if I look younger than I am, that means I am going to look great when i’m 30!

Thank you very much for the interview Jannica, and we wish you all the best with Pixelated Girl.
You are very welcome, it’s my pleasure and thanks!


Be sure to visit her website, PixelatedGirl.

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    Good to know shes a real, down-to-earth girl. Keep up the good photoshoots

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    Add me to xbox live….You have very nice pictures an i do art myself

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  3. Very awesome interview with a very interesting person.

    Oh and the Mirror’s Edge shoot HOT!

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    Yummy… :)

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