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So February can’t get here fast enough, and as soon as it gets here it needs to end. Why? So I can get my hands on my eagerly anticipated copy. From the beta to media footage, everything about this game looks amazing. Boasting some of the most amazing graphics and utilizing an interesting online mode of compilation matches, this will surely be in your PS3′s disc drive for months to come.

To all my fellow shooter freaks and PS3 owners, I tell you now- play all those games you haven’t gotten around to yet, because come the end of next month I’m going to be owning you online. And yes that is a challenge to you all. Can’t say you’ll win anything except that warm feeling inside if you do beat me, but I’m confident in my shooting skills. (Oh yeah I already know how to play :D )

So get excited. If you liked Call of Duty 4 and World at War then be prepared to have you mind blown by this game. We at Gamer Limit look forward to seeing you online, and you can expect a very in depth and conclusive review from yours truly late Febuary/early March!

Oh yeah if you’re willing to accept my challenge- PSN Hagaf22 -See you online!

  1. avatar aKON

    Wut is this? Its not even news it isnt anything of course the game is going to get reviewed well if the reviewer is all excited about it duh cmon guys you can do better then this

  2. lol, has been a quiet day.

  3. avatar Adam

    This is real news lol. Thanks Gerry I love you.

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