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In case you couldn’t tell, this is a shameless advertisement by Gamer Limit, for Toys R’ Us. Head out on the above dates to your local store and get your free Pokemon DLC. Or should I say Wi-fi content? Ho-ho!

I’d be kind of embarrassed to go, but hey, Gamefreak still makes good games! Basically, if you’ve never heard of this before, Toys R’ Us periodically sponsors events for DS enthusiasts, and if you visit on certain times, you can download a new Pokemon character to your game. The character is either completely new, and only available at special events (like Shaymin), or their unlock is so convoluted that you had better just go get them for free (Regigigas).

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Source: Destructoid

  1. avatar NeoRyo

    I like how they get new Pokemon almost when it hits it’s year mark. Any news on the release date for Pokemon Platinum and what difference it has compared to Diamond and Pearl? I haven’t been following it that closely..

  2. avatar Nicholas

    I wish they bring this over here! I downloaded Darkrai but new ones are always welcome. Platnium has a release date for 2009 (if not, 2010).

  3. avatar Strikerzex911

    You can get these same pokemon with pokesav.

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