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A management visit between Take-Two and Nintendo took place recently regarding the upcoming Nintendo DS game “Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.”  Analyst Doug Creutz came away fron the meeting citing that the future DS game will be “an important test of Take-Two’s ability to make inroads on Nintendo’s wildly successful DS and Wii platforms.”

Take-Two and Nintendo are both obviously interested in making money, but they also have individual goals set regarding the union.  Nintendo is looking to strengthen their systems’ appeal beyond the casual gaming market, while Take-Two is frustrated with lost revenue through secondhand retail, and is exploring new ways to “ameliorate the problem.”

Personally, I view the PSP GTA games as completely successful portable versions of the GTA3 games, even if the transition left you yearning to play with a PlayStation controller instead of the sometimes cumbersome PSP.  However, “GTA: Chinatown Wars” is not a port of an existing game, and therefore has been built from the ground up with the DS’s capabilities in mind.  I have a strong feeling that Nintendo and Take-Two are going to looking at a bright future together.

Anybody looking forward to the Chinatown Wars game, or do you think the bird’s eye view gameplay is too archaic to be any fun?  Additionally, what do you think a company like Take-Two has to do to keep people from trading in their games?  Is the GTA4 DLC enough?

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  1. I’m afraid this game will fail on the Family Friendly Nin. Wii.

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