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By: | January 24th, 2009


Are you new to Gamer Limit? Find out what we’re about below.

First, Register here, and start posting your opinions as comments in our stories.

What is Gamer Limit?

Gamer Limit is a community site, that’s fueled by gaming fans like you. When you register, you become a valued member of our community. You can post reviews, comments, give us feedback on the forums, and even contribute to the front page.

Be sure to bookmark us, as we’re having tons of new material come out all the time, and even contests!

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You can voice your opinion here

Do you love video games and wish every day you could write about them? Our community blogs are in a beta phase right now, so hop right in and start! Not only can your stories be promoted to the front page, but everyone who visits the site will be able to view them. Keep at writing, and not only will other community members start to notice you, but our editors might as well.

We have weekly events


The Limit Cast – One of our podcasts that keeps you up to date with the latest news, games, and happenings in the gaming world. Our first one kicked off some time ago, and you can check out all the latest podcasts right here.

What makes Gamer Limit different from every other gaming site?

We have exclusive articles written by our talented staff. For instance, we look at every film that inspired the Metal Gear Solid series, make you laugh, give you exclusive interviews, update you on the status of the state of the gaming market, update you on any free giveaways, share with you the best web comics of the week, and much more. We also constantly write reviews for the latest games you’re thinking about buying, update our news everyday, and write guides for games you may have already purchased. Bookmark us now to keep up to date with the latest happenings in the game world. As our site continues to grow, we’ll have our own contests and polls, so if you join today you’ll hear about these things the moment they happen. February 18th update: stay tuned for a new contest!

All done registering?

After you’re all good and registered, head over to the forums and set up an account there! Introduce yourself to the community: tons of people are waiting to meet you. Post comments on our news stories; let us know what you want more of! Head over to your control panel, and write a bio, as well as upload your customized avatar picture.

Check out our About page

Have any questions about how to get involved, any news tips, or want to see something featured on Gamer Limit? Find our email addresses on the about page and email us!

What are our plans for the future?

Gamer Limit is growing each day in terms of site traffic and community membership. All in all, we’re a collective group who love gaming, and writing about our experiences. Feel free to join in our discussions, and make yourself at home.

-Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you soon, preferably with an editorial posted on our front page!

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