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Yet another Sonic game has been in the works for a while, ‘Sonic and The Black Knight’ another Wii exclusive.  The gimmick this time is that it has ‘Sword Fighting’ and hence gameplay will be somewhat similar to the recent failure Sonic Unleashed.

[flv: 480 360]

It’s good to see the 80s pop style songs are still there (personally I enjoy them in all their cheesiness), Sonic & The Black Knight has the potential to be good, although going from it’s recent linage it could be very bad… and the last time weapons were included in a Sonic spin off it didn’t go down well.

Sonic and the Black Knight is being developed by Sonic Team, and is currently planned for a March 1st, 2009 release.

  1. I, myself, have a lot of confidence in Sega this time.
    Hopefully they have learned from their mistakes, and this game will kick ass.

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